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Opera vs Internet Explorer

Updated on May 31, 2009

If you are a dummy like me you would have believed that Internet Explorer was the only browser out there. After becoming a fan of the laptop I have become a little bit obsesed with keeping my computer running efficiently. After a little bit of research on other internet browsers out there like Mozilla, Firefox, AOL, etc... I decided that Opera and IE are the biggest contenders for my browsing experience.

The Difference; Not Much

There's not that much of a difference between the popular Internet Explorer and Opera. In fact, there are more features attached with Opera that make it more versatile. The biggest difference was the font. Opera used a plain text while IE was more appealing. Also, I disliked that it was difficult to impossible to get my favourite toolbars to work on Opera.

Opera Internet Browser
Opera Internet Browser
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer

Were you able to see the difference? Well the biggest difference was in the browsing speed. there was no denying that Opera was faster. So until I figure out how to apply my toolbars to Opera I'll most likely be straddling both browsers.


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    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 4 years ago from London UK

      Opera Vs IE is like saying, David Vs Goliath.. There is no competition.

    • boosters profile image

      Sandeep Rai 5 years ago from India

      Opera is much faster than IE and their turbo features crazy me about surfing speed..

    • profile image

      gemery 5 years ago

      enter net vs opera? that's crazy cuz opera is fast and enter net is not very fast but some time some thenk don't work in opera and work with enter net !

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      IE or OPERA is much more faster than google chrome

    • profile image

      wandybrad 6 years ago

      This is very interesting site i really like the way you work. keep it up.

    • profile image

      adumpaul 6 years ago

      Opera is much more faster than Internet Explorer.

    • profile image

      PC user 6 years ago

      google chrome is the best web browser

    • profile image

      Meleniumshane90 9 years ago

      To say that Internet Explorer and Opera have few distinctions while only glancing at the programs is a flawed assesment. Opera has numerous integrated security features, tab management, on-exit tab saving without reminder, session saver (with multiple window support), flash & image ad-blockers (right click, block content & click on annoying flash ads to disable them from even loading).

      On the other-hand, Internet Explorer works on a lot more pages, in the sense that your Microsoft/Firefox only websites will load improperly. This is not an issue of Opera, but can be annoying. Opera has basically been singled out by Microsoft pages.

      Internet Explorer has had some additions added to it, but when compared to power-house browsers such as Opera and Firefox, it has been at least 2 years behind in its development.