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OrigAudio Fold and Play Recycled Speakers - Cardboard Speakers that Work on any Device with 3.5mm Audio Jack

Updated on May 30, 2011

Ever been at the park and wanted to share a favorite song or YouTube Video with friends? How dumb does everyone look all huddled around your iPhone, iPod, iPad or other digital device? Just because there is a 3.5mm jack – how many people can listen to a single set of earphones? The saying, “it gets lost in the translation” takes on new meaning when you are in this situation. Carrying speakers with you is not a solution – or is it? The OrigAudio speakers are very unique. They are basically a cardboard box with a speaker built-in.

The OrigAudio speakers are made of cardboard and other recycled materials, needs no batteries or outside means of power and are so portable it is ridiculous. When was the last time you built your own speakers by assembling a small box that folds and unfolds much like an origami project? They start out flat so they take up very little space in a bag. The set of two OrigAudio Speakers are connected by a wire that plugs into any device with a 3.5mm jack.

As you would expect the OrigAudio Speakers are lightweight. There are no innards there so you may need to attach some Velcro or hook and loop tape to the bottom of each speaker to attach them to a solid surface – especially outdoors. Just know that they could blow over in a gust of wind so some support may be needed.

How Unique are the OrigAudio Fold and Play Recycled Speakers?

They start out as a small flattened cardboard box

They fold out to form a small cardboard box with a speaker built-in

They need no batteries or electricity

They work on any device with a 3.5mm Audio Jack

They can be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors

They fold into a flattened cardboard box for transport or storage

The sound you get from the OrigAudio Fold and Play Recycled Speakers will not compare to the expensive electric or battery powered speakers you may have at home or in your car. That is alright if you take into consideration that they cost less than $20 on Amazon, they are basically a cardboard box and they have to power outlet or batteries. When you take all that into consideration it is amazing that you get amplified sound at all – let alone sound that translates into music and the spoken word. These speakers would be great to give as gifts to people in your life that have everything – they think. Sometimes it is nice to give those “just because” gifts that bring fun into someone else’s life.

If you are looking for speakers that are a bit more substantial but are still fun and unique – check out my hub on the OrigAudio Rock-It Portable Vibration Speakers.


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