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How to Install and Download Apps OTA for Virgin Mobile or Sprint LG Rumor Touch Using Jar2Jad

Updated on July 15, 2011

Install Apps From Any Website OTA!

Right after I published Episode 1 of the Willie Files Hub where I discussed how to create a JAD on your phone from a downloaded JAR, I stopped over at Howard Forums to share the love.

While over there I noticed that bigsupersquid, a few posts before me, had listed an app called This name sounded extremely promising in the Over the Air installation of apps on the LG Rumor Touch.

Feel free to download and install Jar2Jad now, and we can test it out together. If you are a total newbie reading this, please see Install 3rd Party Apps on Lg Rumor Touch article now.

This little app will run like a file manager. It will have you select a JAR from your microSD that you've downloaded with Opera Mini, Bolt, or UC Browser, and after your selection, Jar2Jad will create a JAD automatically. Remember a JAD is nothing more than a text file that is like the traffic directer and diplomat between the JAR file and the LG Rumor Touch.

Qwicky Step by Step

  1. Install Jar2Jad
  2. Download a JAR from somewhere. You might want to practice on a JAR that will work for sure - I recommend downloading from my Mediafire Folder or from  
  3. Open Jar2Jad and browse to the JAR you downloaded
  4. Select it.
  5. The first screen that will pop up will be an editor asking if you really want the "http://" in front of the name of the JAR file.
  6. Your answer will always be NO.
  7. Edit the line so that it just is YOURJADNAME.JAR with no extra
    "http://" in front of it.
  8. At this point if your JAR was already in your APPS folder, all you need to do is press save, exit out of Jar2Jad and go to your Media Card folder in My Stuff.
  9. It should show JADs living there now.
  10. Try to install.
  11. If the install failed, you may have not properly edited the first name to get rid of the "http".
  12. To fix this, you may either delete the JAD and start over or you can use JTextlite (see Mediafire folder link below) to edit the JAD.
  13. If you have to open the text editor, just look for the line that has an http://yourjarname.jar and rename it to yourjarname.jar only.

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    • bigsupersquid profile image


      9 years ago from BFE, MO, USA

      Hey, Dana...

      Figured out a solution to the .jar/.jad download problem.

      Not quite point-and-click, and not an app on the phone.

      But, it works decent enough.

      Check it out.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Now I understand. That's so easy. Anyone tried Open Office?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm needing to start all this with no data service at all. Will Is there a way to install this or anything from the SD card? Is there a way to access the file system on this phone?

    • Wllie in SF profile image

      Wllie in SF 

      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      I JUST FINISHED UPLOADING ANOTHER BATCH OF VMRT Apps. There are now well over 100 free apps that I have posted for everyone's use & enjoyment. Go to my Xchanger User Page to download FREE, VMRT-friendly ZIP files. (NOTE: each Zip file contains multiple VMRT-ready app, edited & trimmed Jad/Jar sets. NO need for a PC or any additional editing. DOWNLOAD the ZIP file. EXTRACT the Jad/Jar sets to your MicroSD Card 'APPS' folder. LOAD to your VMRT via the 'Media Card' folder as usual.)

      I posted an additional 9 Free ZIP files on:

      (Wapshare File Numbers: 314614, 313861, 313807, 313806, 313731, 313729, 313730, 313728, 313733)

      For ZIP file contents and app details, please see my postings in the comments section of DanaTheTeacher's Hub at:

    • bigsupersquid profile image


      9 years ago from BFE, MO, USA

      here, try this:

      converter site.

      Notable for being able to convert online-sourced jar files to zip rar etc.

      So, copy the URL of the jar file you want to download to your rumor touch (but can't because the file extension is blocked by the service provider,) paste it into the from-url blank on docspal, click the add button, select the conversion filetype (I like zip,) and click


      then download the converted file to your rt APPS folder, if you used a zip extension just rename it back to a jar with minicommander or whatever, make your jad, and install!

      I've learned along this process of working with java apps that a .jar can be renamed as a .zip (and the other way around as well) without any actual conversion required. Very handy.

    • Wllie in SF profile image

      Wllie in SF 

      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      HERE's Willie Pack # 2


      - Centurion: file mgr & image viewer & more

      - WinRar: new 2.0 version. FAST unzipper. NOT NEARLY


      - Appy: Should be called "Crappy" took forever to

      install fully. Restarts vmrt on first install attempt,

      then installs fine on second attempt. MOSTLY frog

      crap initially, but you can reconfig to English targets.

      PERSONALLY, I think this not worth the trouble, but

      maybe someone will like it?

      - PDF Viewer- have not really tested it since I didn't

      have any pdf's handy. SEEMS to work. APPRECIATE


      - MobRapid - another dloader

      - Bolt 2.11 Handler: This is the REAL GEM in this pack.

      ITS a full handler mod STABLE VERSION OF BOLT. After

      many tests, it stays locked in http mode. AND, YES!, IT

      DOWNLOADS JARS. Be sure to tell it where to save on

      your SD card (save as) THEN press SAVE. Note: when

      first installing select default proxy server.

      here is OpMin Mod Sampler no. 2:


      - OpMin 4.4 Vista: full handler, use default server for


      - OpMin 5.122296: Symbianized Opera 5. Nothing


      - Op Min 4.20 Test 10: Multi tab browsing alternative

      to OM5, quick dload, file manager, text editor

      - Op Min 4.4 Spabok: firefox style interface. No big




      Here's a new Willie pack for everyone to enjoy:


      - Lyric Real Player: translated Chinese version. Not so


      - Opera Mini Mod 4.20 Test 0 : Opera mod that

      allegedly downloads Jars, NOT translated yet from

      Russian, so good luck.

      - raOperaMusic: another 4.2 Mod, but in English. Has

      "download jar" in menu but I cannot get it to work.

      Full handler capability

      - Opera Vista: Another 4.2 handler Mod

      - apr12304: Mobile equalizer?

      - Compass: seems to be a working compass

      Have fun & if you get OperaMusic to Download a jar,

      let us know how you did it.


    • Wllie in SF profile image

      Wllie in SF 

      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      There's more than one way to do it, but for me, the easiest way I have found to load an app is

      1) source the jar from wherever

      2) Use MiniCommander 4.2 to generate the Jad

      3) Use Minicommander 4.2 to edit the Jad (I also delete the superfluous descriptors to lessen chances of load errors)

      4) Load to VMRT as usual

      I can execute that entire process in less than 5 mins.

    • Wllie in SF profile image

      Wllie in SF 

      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      IN Addition to MiCo 4.2, jTextLite and some OpMin Mods will read/write text to sd card.

      See my VMRT ready OpMin Mods @

      file 237587

      jtextLite is on Dana's Mediafire page

    • bigsupersquid profile image


      9 years ago from BFE, MO, USA

      Thank YOU. I have been looking for a decent text editor. I was about to hack the only good one I've found to make it read from/write to the sd card instead of just its own app RMS store.

      This minicommander app you posted looks really good, but I may need to make a stylus for it. No biggie there, I've been wanting one for a while now.

      I fully agree about the interface. Pretty sure that jar2jadd is kinda old.

      Capabilities? My project right now is still in the patched-together-from-various-examples phase. Bloated and not yet user friendly. I'm still learning Java, you see (I just know enough low-level programming to get by in most high-level languages, and Java, even J2ME, is pretty high-level compared to assembly language.) But, I'll post the app (in all its chintzy glory) up on my hub soon just for the hardcores who don't care about the interface, just functionality. No file browser yet, so you have to type the destination filename too.

      Thanks for the feedback.

    • Wllie in SF profile image

      Wllie in SF 

      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      @bigsupersquid - thanks for the jar2jad app. It works well. BUT, for me, it has no real advantage over MiniCommander 4.2. It cannot text edit and it is not a full file manager whereas MiniCommander 4.2 does all three: jad from jar, text editing and file management/explorer. (I think it has a better interface).

      See miniCommander 4.2 uploaded to

      file no. 237336

      You are WAAAAY beyond my capabilities re your Jar downloader project. I look forward to your finished product as Bolt/UC/OpMin Mods just ain't cuttin it for me re jar downloading. They are just too unstable to rely on.

      Thanks again.

      Looking forward to your future posts.

    • bigsupersquid profile image


      9 years ago from BFE, MO, USA

      I was going to post info on this app on your 'willie files' page, but I see you beat me to it.

      Good deal! I hated having to post a modded app instead of the original, and even more that I didn't get it working fully, so you have to manually edit the MIDlet-Jar-Url to make the output work for the phone, but it is something 'new' I hadn't seen out there for this handset yet, and I thought people could definitely enjoy the app even it its tweak-requiring state.

      As an addendum, I'm in the process of finalizing an app which can download .jar files on the phone even through the VM proxy server. This app will not download .jad files, though (the phone's proxy server returns an html access-denied error message instead of the desired .jad file,) but now with the jar2jadd that's not such a big deal. And, since opera mini 5.1 will download all other filetypes I've tried it on except .jar and .jad files, that's all my little app is needed for.

      The main annoyance with my app is you have to type the download URL for the .jar by hand. So, pencil and paper are required to write down the URL that the built-in browser won't download so you can type it into my downloader. Yuk, especially on long URLs. But, in its prototype stage, it does work.

      If people are sufficiently interested in it in spite of the manual URL entry requirement, I'll polish it up enough for human consumption (instead of leaving it in its current hacker-friendly state) and release it. Leave comments on my new hub of you're interested.


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