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PG Key Controls and Reports Computer Activity of Your Child

Updated on April 3, 2010


PG Key is gadget that could save your child from online predators. That is a strong statement – I agree.

What is a PG Key?

A PG Key looks like an ordinary USB flash drive. It is small – basically 1 inch wide by 1.5 inches wide. The PG Key does not hog a lot of space. When it is inserted into a USB port there should be enough room beside it for another small USB device to be plugged into an adjacent USB port.

It is a Parental Control Device that can be set to limits on your child’s computer use – both online and off. It can limit the websites that your child visits. It alerts you to search words and phrases your child uses, and it can limit the time your child spends on the computer.

The PG Key was developed in cooperation between experts such as those in Law enforcement, education and the medical community as well as non-techie parents.

PG Key
PG Key

What Does a PG Key Do?

After inserting the PG Key into a USB port you are prompted to create a password. Instead of having to read a boring list of instructions there is a video that automatically starts to tell you how to use the PG Key.

Safe-Search is on anytime that PG Key is inserted into a USB port. That means that the Safe-Search home page insures that innocent Internet searches do not end up accessing unwanted content.

The PG Key references a blacklist of websites that is already known to contain spyware, viruses and unwanted content. Parents have the ability to add websites that they want to block.

Your children are reminded by the PG Key that they are being monitored so there is no secrecy involved.

What Does the PG Key Record?

The PG Key can record up to 60 hours of computer use – whether online or offline. Internet surfing, online chats, gaming or even homework will be recorded. Once the 60 hours of information is reached the old will drop off and the new will be recorded.

Once the information is recorded by the PG Key you can watch it much like watching a movie. The PG Key can be set to notify you by email or cell phone if your child enters keywords that are suspicious. Weekly updates will also be sent to you about how much time your child is spending on the computer.

Can Your Child Cheat on the PG Key?

They may try to cheat the PG Key but there is little chance that they will succeed.

If they pull the PG Key out of the USB port the computer will immediately block them from using the computer.

By adding the phrase “PG Key” to the list of keywords – you will be notified if they search for a way to disable it. If they try to disable the PG Key you will be notified.

What if there are Multiple Computers?

A PG Key is needed for each computer that your children have access to.

Each PG Key will cost approximately $60.00 and that will be the only costs incurred.

Does the PG Key have a Track Record of Success?

Yes – the PG Key won the Disney’s iParenting Award for the Best Safety Products of 2009.


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    • Debbie Cook profile imageAUTHOR

      Debbie Cook 

      8 years ago from USA

      Hi Carol,

      If you want to use the computer without the PG Key you need to enter your secure password to override the program.

      If you want to delete the PG Key program from your computer I would suggest checking for the program in the control panel and to delete it from there. (XP - under Add or Remove programs)(Vista - under Programs and Features)(Windows 7 - (under Adjust your Computer's Setting then click Programs)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      How do you disable the PG Key?


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