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Pay As You Go Cell Phones - Best Cell Phones Without a Contract

Updated on July 15, 2011

As the cell phone market continues to grow so do the amount of cell phones on the market. Some cell phones are good, some are bad - there seems to be a displacement between quality and quantity.

The problem, though, isn't the quality of cell phone you have, but the type of cell phone plan you've purchased. Some plans last over three years; the biggest downfall of this is that if the cell phone you bought with that plan turns out to be not nearly as good as you hoped, you're going to have trouble getting a new one. Sure you can pay the extra money to upgrade the plan but, for many people, that's a waste.

And this is where pay as you go cell phones come in. Pay as you go wireless cell phones are just how they sound - pay as you go. No plan tying you down, no monthly or annual fees. You pay for how many minutes you want, how much texting you need, or even how much data you want for browsing the internet.

The best part? If the pay as you go phone isn't as good as you thought then you can just replace it for a new one without having to pay any extra fees or get tied into an even longer cell phone plan.

The pay as you go cell phone route isn't for everyone but, if it is for you, you need to do your research first.

Ask questions like,

What is the best prepaid cell phone?

What is the best pay as you go phone?

What's the best prepaid cell phone deal?

Where can I buy a cell phone without a plan?

Luckily you've come to the right place.


Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans

It's kind of an oxymoron isn't it? A pay as you go cell phone doesn't have a plan, because isn't that the point - to pay for what you want and not have to pay any monthly fees.


However that doesn't mean there doesn't exist pay as you cell phone plans that actually help you and save you money. By buying a cell phone plan for your pay as you go phone you can actually save a lot of money. You can, for example, buy a prepaid cell phone plan. A prepaid cell phone plan is when you buy a pay as you go cell phone that already has minutes bought; in other words its like buying a cell phone plan but with much more specificity.

An example of this kind of plan is the Pay As You Go Plan at Rogers. Here are some specifications to give you an idea:

Rogers Pay as You Go Cell Phone Plan

Contract Length
PrePaid Minutes
30 cents per minute
Evening/Weekend Minutes
A $1 a day for unlimited.
Text Message:
15 cents incoming, 25 cents out-coming

As you can see a pay as you go cell phone plan usually has an extra feature - like in the Rogers plan for weekends were unlimited for a dollar. There still is, in theory, no contract and you still pay for as much time you spend on the phone.


Best Pay As You Go Cell Phones

The fact is, as you can see from above, the best pay as you mobile phones are the ones that have the best prepaid cell phone deal. Any phone can be bought by itself, without having to buy a plan, but that be expensive. The best way to go, if you don't want to buy a cell phone plan, is to find pay as you go phone that is tied to a great pay as you go plan.

Therefore the best thing to do is not look at individual cell phones, but the company the provides for them.

Solo Mobile (Bell)

Solo Mobile is one of the best pay as you go options because it's a plan that amplifies the bare minimum. With Solo Mobile you will only pay when you need to use the phone -for emergency calls, texts or whatever - and no more. Unlike with Virgin Mobile where you could purchase a month by month plan, Solo Mobile is keen in showing that it's only plan is by how much you use it.

The selection of phones doesn't have some of the top rated cell phones like the BlackBerry or any other smartphone, but it does have a good selection that very much mirrors Bell. The phones are cheap, as in the plan.

You will only be paying around 30 cents a minute for daytime calls, and 5 cents on weekend.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin mobile is one of the best pay as you go service providers because it allows all of the phones it supports to have such a plan.   The BlackBerry Torch, for example, is fully supported on a pay as you go cell phone plan.

The BlackBerry is already an expesive phone, one where you don't know much of it you will use on daily basis.  Many BlackBerry plans, with a contract, will give you all the bells and whistles at a high price and in the end you might only use half of the features.

Virgin Mobile will allow you to choose from three prepaid cell phone deals: a month by month plan, a day by day plan, and a minute by minute plan. 

T-Mobile PrePaid

The T-Mobile PrePaid cell phone deals are some of the best on the market. There is no monthly bill; you only pay for refills and that can be done easily and quickly online. Some of the best prepaid plans are found from T-Mobile, including a plan that only costs 10 cents a minute and one that includes free text messaging.

Many newer pay as you go cell phones can be bought from T-Mobile; phones that include touch screens and QWERTY keyboards are popular choices.


As seen from the example above Rogers as one of the best pay as you cell phone plans. For 30 cents a minute and a dollar a day for unlimited evenings and weekends, Rogers is one of the best choices to go.

Plus almost all of Rogers cell phones are pay as you go activated; this means smartphones like the Sony Ericsson can be used as a pay as you go wireless phone.



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