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How to Make Money Online with Peoplestring: Social Networking on a Revolutionary Scale

Updated on October 22, 2013

Say the two words "social network" and the first thing that will usually come to the minds of most is Facebook. Give it another year or two and that will change. There is another social network on the rise that's quickly becoming a household name by the name. It's name is Peoplestring. This social portal (as members now call it) came into conception in 2009 by its founder Darin Myman. Headquartered in New Jersey, Peoplestring vowed to revolutionize the way the world thinks of social networking. So far it's doing a fairly good job.


What is Peoplestring?

Peoplestring is a social portal that the public can join for free and make it their center of operation for the internet. A member can register for an account in less than five minutes and add all of their most frequented websites to it. It becomes the ultimate home page in a sense. There are also many widgets that one can add to their home page to further customize their experience.

Find yourself on YouTube quite often? There is actually a widget that allows you to watch videos from your homepage without even having to leave. The Facebook and Twitter integration adds that similar convenience too!

Is it Worth Your Time?

Peoplestring doesn't just give you another outlet to make friends or waste precious time surfing the web. All active members actually get paid to use the website. The network is driven by revenue paid by major advertisers. Verizon, Ben & Jerry, Reebok; you name it!

Like many other popular websites, these advertisers are more than willing to pay large sums to get their product in front the eyes of millions. Unlike the large majority of other websites, Peoplestring shares 70% of all ad revenue with their members.

These ad dollars are distributed through many ways in the community. Members can play games to earn as well as view video commercials; the same ones we all watch for free during our favorite TV programs.

You can even earn by doing things as simple as using an integrated Google search bar. There is an online shopping mall where hundreds of partnered merchants have agreed to provide cash back shopping to Peoplestring members.

The ad revenue is also distributed via a built in compensation plan where members can earn a residual income. Not only will you earn bonuses for each member that you refer, but you'll earn a cut off what they earn.

Peoplestring's lack of selfishness is how this is al made possible. Hypothetically wouldn't you rather keep 30% of a million dollars than 70% of $25K? It's a remarkable idea! As soon as word gets out that you can join for free yet still earn, people will be rushing to get in.

But it sounds to good to be true.

Well, it is too good and it is true! I joined the community in December 2009 and have received several payments; both in the form of checks and Paypal. I have also used the cash back shopping mall to buy things that I would otherwise not even get paid to purchase.

Needless to say I am still a proud member of Peoplestring. After members join I urge them to complete their W-9 information in their settings. In order to get paid this is necessary. There are many payment proofs out on the internet if you cannot overcome the skepticism. I have had no regrets, and if I could go back I would have actually joined Peoplestring much earlier.

Joining Peoplestring

Joining the Peoplestring community is very simple to do. All you need is a valid email address and an idea of what you want your username to be. Since I have been a member what I have noticed is that Peoplestring doesn't change the way you use the internet; it really enhances it.

Millions of internet users spend a lot of time on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular websites. Sadly, not enough of them know that they can actually start getting paid for their time.


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    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 

      5 years ago from California, United States of America

      This sounds very interesting, I like the idea that there is revenue sharing and that you can use other websites on this network. I'll have to check it out.

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 

      5 years ago from California

      This is fascinating. I've seen a few other websites that claim similar cash back incentives - most of them tend to be more spam-filled. I am pulling this up now. Maybe I'll give it a shot!


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