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How Phone Recording Device Works

Updated on September 29, 2010
Using a Phone
Using a Phone

Hear no evil, speak no evil

Numerous people around the world use phones, whether they are normal wired phones, cellphones, or internet phones. Conversations are varied, and soon forgotten or misremembered. Wouldn’t it be better if you could remember all that was said perfectly?

Phone recording devices are the answer to the problem. With them you can record all topics you discussed with friends, family, clients, doctors, even random calls that sometimes happen. The whole conversation can be recorded. If something comes up, and you need to remember exactly what went on, then you have the phone recordings ready to be reviewed.

What is Phone Recording Device?

Telephone recording devices function in a similar way to answering machines. Sometimes even answering machines are used as phone recording devices.

They are also numerous types of phone recording devices, but the simplest are merely plugged into the jack for the telephone usually located near the bottom of a wall, and then plugged into the phone or cellphone.

Some even connect to a computer via a phone recording device. Also, there is computer software that can be used by connecting the phone or cellphone directly to the PC.

Some devices can even adapt common tape recorders into phone recorders, such as the Asianwolf’s Covert Telephone Recording Device, or the CTRD, which is an adapter cable that plugs into your tape recorder, and works with most voice-activated recorders as well as most recorders that have a microphone jack used manually.

Speakerphone Recording
Speakerphone Recording

Speakerphone Tapping

It is the traditional and cheapest way to record phone conversation.


  • Telephone that support speakerphone
  • Tape Recorder / Microphone to the PC

How it works?

  • Turn on the speaker phone so the calling party sound transferred into speaker phone
  • Record the sound using tape recorder or PC

Inline Phone Recording
Inline Phone Recording

Inline Phone Recorder

This is the most popular method to record. The recording sound is good because it is directly tapping the phone cable. Just plug the recorder into any phone jack, and the other to tape recorder.

It is depend on the recorder type. There is recorder that can directly tap into the phone line. There is another recorder that can only tap the handheld cable.


  • Inline Phone Recorder
  • Tape Recorder

How it works?

  • Plug the phone recorder on the jack and the other on the tape Recorder
  • Plug the phone cable into the Recorder
  • Start to record


Another plus of phone recording devices is in the business area. Many of times business record conversations held between their employees and the clients to increase and improve customer satisfaction, and as well as to make sure everything is generally being done the right way.

Yet again in the field of business, telephone recording has affected the legal division, by recording customers struck by “buyer’s remorse,” and having the discussion recorded helped set up cases against probable claims of fraud.

Another pro to using a phone recording device is its silence. They are virtually undetectable, giving those who use it nearly complete invisibility while they record. They are so quiet, and unnoticed, that official recorded lines (like police emergency lines) give off intermittent beeps to let the caller know they are being recorded. They are that difficult to identify, which can be good or bad.


Some use these devices illegally. Jealousy and mistrust are also present when personal feelings are used in conjunction with phone recording devices. Covetous aficionados sometimes purchase devices hidden-line or extension-based recording devices to their phones and/or cellphones with the hope of catching their loved one cheating, or doing something wrong. Radio Shack employees even nicknamed a phone recording device “The Divorce Kit” in the mid-1990s.

In US, it is illegal under all jurisdictions to record calls in which one is not a party.

This brings our last point up. Most states in the United States penalize harshly against those who use these devices illegitimately, including all gadgets which can record one and/or both sides of a phone call.

For personal, it allows to record any phone calls with the consent of at least one party of the call. Please note that some states allow recording phone conversation without informing other party. Other states require consent all parties of the call.Of the 50 states in America, 39 won’t allow a telephone to be tapped unless one party is aware, while the other eleven require both parties to be aware.

There is an exception for business telephone. It allows to monitor of calls and taping over extension phone as long it is related with business. It means business generally permitted to monitor conversation of their employees including personal conversations as long it using company telephone.


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