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Photive Cyren | The right speaker for you?

Updated on February 22, 2016
The Photive Cyren Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
The Photive Cyren Wireless Bluetooth Speaker | Source

So you have been researching the Photive Cyren Bluetooth wireless speaker but still have not decided on any decisions because you still have some unanswered questions.

If that is the case, then you have come to the right place.

My aim is to provide you all the information you need here so that you don't have to waste anymore time doing further research to find whether if the Photive Cyren is the right Bluetooth speaker for you.

With the information here, I hope you can make the decision on the Photive Cyren - if it fits your needs, then good.

If not, then I also have some other Bluetooth speaker alternatives that you may want to look at if you are looking for a good set of wireless Bluetooth speakers.

However before we proceed, let us determine first things first... what is your budget?

What is the budget that you have set aside for a wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

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What is your budget?
What is your budget? | Source

My Bluetooth speaker budget is...

If your answer to the above poll for your budget on a wireless Bluetooth speaker is between $41 to $50, then read on.

Otherwise if your budget is between $31 to $40, then I highly recommend that you check up on the Oontz Angle as the Oontz Angle is the best wireless Bluetooth speaker in that budget category.

If your budget a little higher around the $101 to $150 range, you can check out the Creative Sound Blaster Roar as it is one of the best if not the best in that price range.

Do you need your wireless Bluetooth speaker to be waterproof as well? If you do, then you may want to check out the Photive Hydra.

By the way, prices are subjected to changes by the retailers selling these Bluetooth wireless speakers without notice. However the price of the Bluetooth speaker as indicated in this hub is valid and correct at the time of writing.

Do you currently have a wireless Bluetooth speaker?

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The Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
The Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker | Source

What is the Photive Cyren Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

So what is the Photive Cyren PH-BT1000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

I will try to summarize all the features and function of the Photive Cyren here for you so that you will have all the information you need to make your decision here.

As the name indicates, it is a Bluetooth wireless speaker manufactured by Photive that can let you listen to your music anywhere wirelessly.

You can use its Bluetooth features to wirelessly play and manage your music from your other Bluetooth devices like your tablets, smartphone or computer. The Photive Cyren also allows you to take hand-free calls directly through the speaker and its built-in microphone.

Operational buttons on the Photive Cyren
Operational buttons on the Photive Cyren | Source

It uses two 40mm 6 watt speakers in a large speaker cavity housed in an approximately 6 x 2 x 1.6 inches speaker box to produce crisp clean sound with enhance deep bass.

However do not underestimate the small size of the Photive Cyren PH-BT1000 as it produces crisp and loud sounds with a transmission rage of approximately 33 feet through the use of the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth device to connect to the Photive Cyren, also don’t worry. This is because you can use the 3.5mm line-in jack for your wired devices.

You get a carrying case with the Photive Cyren
You get a carrying case with the Photive Cyren | Source

It uses a rechargeable that gives you around 8 hours on a full charge. However this depends on how you use it; for example louder volume will consume more battery charge.

However don’t worry about your music being cut off in the middle of your party as the Cyren PH-1000 will provide you with an audible warning when your battery is low on charge. You can also play and charge it simultaneously.

Lastly it also comes with a handy pouch so that you can easily carry it with you.

The top 15 questions on the Photive Cyren answered
The top 15 questions on the Photive Cyren answered | Source

What the top questions other people ask?

Basically I have summarized all the features and functionality of the Photive Cyren Bluetooth wireless speaker above.

However to make it easier for you, I am going to list out the 15 top questions that people generally ask before they make their decision whether to buy the Photive Cyren Bluetooth wireless speaker or not.

Is the battery rechargeable?
Yes. You can charge it through your computer or via the wall socket.
Do I get one or two speakers? The photos I see when I browse the internet always seems to show a pair of speakers.
Sorry, it is not two for the price of one! You only get 1 speaker. What you see on the photos publised by on-line merchants are the front and back of the Photive Cyren speaker.
How long does a full battery charge last me?
You get approximate 8 to 10 hours of playback; it all depends on how you use the speaker.
If I don't have Bluetooth on my tablet (or phone or other sources) can I still use the Photive Cyren?
Yes. It comes with a 3.5mm line-in jack for connecting to wired devices. (I am taking the assumption that your wired device has an output source)
Can I connect it to my TV?
Yes. You can use the Bluetooth connection if your TV is a smartTV that has also Bluetooth. Otherwise you will need to buy an audio cable to connect it to the 3.5 mm line-in jack.
If I buy two Photive Cyren and join it together, can that produce surround sound?
No. You will need a surround sound system with the appropriate speakers to produce surround sound. Besides you cannot connect more than one Bluetooth device to your source at the same time.
Can I use the speaker as a microphone in the phone function?
Yes. There is an inbuild microphone that allows you too use when you are using the Photive Cyren as a speaker phone function.
Will the Photive Cyren work with an MP3 player that do not have Bluetooth?
Yes. You can connect your MP3 player to the 3.5 mm line-in jack.
What is the range?
Around 10 m or 30 ft.
Can I use it outdoors?
The Photive Cyren is not waterproof. As such you have to be careful not to drop it into water or let water get on to it.
Can I charge it and play at the same time?
Yes you can. You can charge it from both your computer (or powerbank of other charging devices) or via the wall and still use it to play the audio.
Does the Photive Cyren have a good quality sound.
Yes. You bet! Many people are surprised at the high quality of the sound. However you get what you pay for, so don't expect to get the quality of the sound for a speaker like say the Sound Blaster Roar.
How big is the Photive Cyren?
It is a dimunitive 6 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 2 1/2
Can I use more than 1 speaker?
No. With Bluetooth technology, it is a one to one paring. However you can switch the paring to another speaker but that is still one to one.
How does the speaker sounds when I play video?
The video sound will be as great as when you are playing music.
Top 15 questions asked on the Photive Cyren

Is it worthwhile to buy?

Well it depends. First and foremost, let us understand that this speaker is in the $41 to $50 price range. As such we should not compare it with a speaker on a different price range; for example the Soundblaster Roar or Bose Soundlink Mini.

As far as sound goes, I felt that the Photive Cyren gives a very clear, detailed and high quality sound for a speaker in such a small box.In fact I would say that it is excellent.

The other benefits that I love about this speaker is its long battery life and of course the convenience of both Bluetooth and wired connections. Charging is convenient as well as you can charge via both your computer or at the wall socket.

Even though it can play very loud, don't expect the bass to rattle your windows. On the overall design of the speaker, I found the speaker to be of a high quality. However I also received feedback in some forums that some of the owners reported their speakers that broke down during a short period time after first using it.

I guess this has to do with the manufacturing process whereby there will always be some defects withing the batches of products manufactured. Fortunately these are the minority and only a few has been reported; even then they will be covered by the warranty if breakdown within the warranty period.

Colors galore
Colors galore | Source

If you like the Photive Cyren portable wireless speaker...

then most people go for the professional looking black speaker.

However some people may want to get away from the "serious" black speakers.

If you are one of those who love fun colors, then you can have a choice of a few nice and attractive colors like red, blue, purple and orange.

Which color of the Photive Cyren do you like?

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Get your Photive Cyren from Amazon here.

Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone 8 hour Rechargeable Battery (Black)
Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone 8 hour Rechargeable Battery (Black)

There is a massive discount at Amazon right now for the Photive Cyren. So if you are shopping for a wireless Bluetooth speaker and you have decided that the Photive Cyren is a good choice, then it is a good time to get the Cyren now as it has dropped below the $40 bracket. Do note that prices are subjected to change without notice, so get it before it goes back up again.


Do I have other choices besides Photive Cyren?

What other choices besides the Photive Cyren?
What other choices besides the Photive Cyren? | Source

Alternatives to the Photive Cyren...

If you find that the Photive Cyren Bluetooth speaker does not meet your requirements or because you have a slightly lower budget, then check out the Oontz Angle which is in the $31 to $40 bracket.

If you have an even lower budget and is looking for something really cheap but still good, then you should look at the Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker. The Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker literally gives you a bang for your bucks at less than $15!

However note that the Kinivo ZX100 Mini DOES NOT HAVE Bluetooth; so you cannot really compare it with the Photice Cyren.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something better then I highly recommend that you take look at the Creative Sound Blaster Roar; both of which I mentioned earlier in my introduction on this Photive Cyren review.

Did you find the information that you are looking for to help you make a decision on the Photive Cyren Bluetooth Wireless speaker here?

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