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Photos from the Fuji Finepix S100fs Bridge Camera

Updated on January 7, 2012

I love my bridge camera. It's a perfect blend between a quick snap and a DSLR. It has a phenominal lens range, most of the usability of an DSLR while being relatively compact. I wrote a quick review of it here for the people who, like me, are not really die hard camera aficionados but can use the manual features and want the best they can get without the fuss.

Since I have an amazing camera, I thought i'd catelogue some of the pictures it's enabled me to take. Most of them are from a few trips only, some of them are good, one or two are postcards:

Lurking Lemur
Lurking Lemur

Above: This picture is quite one of my favourites. I've always been a fan of slightly oversaturation, its just a quirk, and the subject is a tremendous little fellow!

Below: Although blury, this picture, perhaps more than any of the others, demonstrates the ability of the S100fs. The reason being that when that lemur began its precipitous plunge out of the tree (possibly kicked out by the lemur above it), the camera was switched off with the lens cap on. We're talking, lens cap off, camera on, bring up and find target, focus, take. all in the time a lemur accelerating at 9.81m/s takes to go 1 metre down. That is slick!

GRRR (I'm having a bath!)
GRRR (I'm having a bath!)

Above: Another of my favourites, this guy spent his time padding in all the wrong places for a photo. On the close ups, there was the wire in the way. While I'm quite thankful there was a big wire fence between the Tiger and I, it did make for very annoying photo attempts.This was finally snapped on pretty long zoom as he cools off in the middle of his enclosure.

Below: Also quite difficult to take, this was caught though the windshield of the car we were in, right in front of this pair. It was quite amusing to watch as the female walked off with the male chasing and when the female finally sat down, she proceeded to bop the male away with her paw when he tried to follow suit. Ah but it happens to every animal on earth! Interesting to note, the cars are not allowed through the tiger enclosure.

Female! come back here!
Female! come back here!
Pure picture postcard - for a geologist
Pure picture postcard - for a geologist

Above: Taken in the northwest of Scotland on a day out walking, I love the rich colour of the water with deep blue accented by the white water all framed by the trees. And of course the rocks! fantastic things rocks....

Below: Although the subject was quite stationary, this was tremendously difficult to take. The sun was full on the water (hence the slight white out on the swan) and I kept getting horrendous glare of the surface. Eventually, with the shutter speed somewhere around 1/4000th/s I got this.

The Bonny Swan
The Bonny Swan
Red on Blue
Red on Blue

While the weather was absolutely stunning at this airshow, photos after had a tendancy to be a little funny. Low light conditions can be troublesome but light conditions where the sun is so strong you can't point the camera anywhere near without getting glare can be pretty tricky too! There are filters, which I should get and would have made the job a million percent easier, but I'm lazy, poor and not 100% committed.

Still, these are just two of a dozen that are breathtaking, even if it is the most photographed display in the world!

Perfect formation
Perfect formation
Silhouettes on blue
Silhouettes on blue

Above: Wider angle but still with amazing clarity, I think the smoke trail really makes this photo. Again affected by the sun, this time turning the sky a deep blue with the arrows almost silhouetted against it, I had this as my backdrop for quite some time!

Below: And of course, what airshow would be complete without the wingwalkers? A little 'easy on the eye' never comes a miss.

Mirrors and Doorways
Mirrors and Doorways

Above: I loved the almost Dali quality of this snap, the doorway with doorways to doorways, or at least it would have been if the annoying guy hadn't chosen that wrong moment to walk into MY picture! Still I am pleased with the odd perspective on this one.

Below: And getting lucky in Rome. A perfect brooding dusk picture from the Pont Sant'Angelo over the Tiber. I love the way the sky grades in colour down to the bridge, softly lit, while the Tiber matches colour below. The perfect tableau was spoilt seconds later by a bus on the bridge and a boat along the river. Still a moment is all it takes. Incidentally, I'm having a lot of trouble deciding on the crop, if anybody has suggestions...

Across from the Bridge of Angels
Across from the Bridge of Angels


So thats that, a few pictures I've accumulated from my awesome camera. It can be a pain to lug around, sometimes it's not quite as responsive as I need, but in terms of compromise, it does excellently and makes up for my lack of skill and general lack of artistic talent admirably.


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    • Lymond profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from UK

      Hi, Thanks for your comment, the camera is great, though obviously, has been out for quite a number of year (about 6 or 7) now, so much more modern cameras might have a bit of an advantage :-) The upload quality here is a bit disappointing too....

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I looked at this camera on several review sites along with their images, IMHO all the images looked a bit mushy. Although I do think it is a sturdy well built camera.

      Thanks for your review.


    • Lymond profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from UK

      Thanks! very much appreciated :-)

    • RemmieRat4ever profile image


      8 years ago

      Very beautiful pictures.


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