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Digital Portable Breathalyzer To Keep Teens In Check

Updated on July 20, 2009

For teens and adults, breath alcohol testing with the new technology of alcohol breath testers are a powerful piece of equipment. A digital breathalyzer machine can help an adult or parent determine the blood alcohol level before something dangerous can occur such as a car accident. An alcohol breathalyzer test can tell better then anything, including smelling someones breath, or asking them to recite the alphabet backwards how sober a person is. Sometimes people don't quite realize how much what they drank has really affected them.

For parents, there is no doubt when a teen is asked to use a digital home breathalyzer after a late night out if they have been drinking. The smell of alcohol can be covered up, a breath alcohol tester doesn't lie.

Consumer Models of the personal breathalyzer are available to the general public and these units are very precise. Most models of these alcohol detector units have levels of accuracy of .01 to .10% BAC You will be assured that the reading is accurate.

How Is a Alcohol Breath Tester Used?

With most of the consumer models of personal breathalyzers, the user blows into the attached mouthpiece on the digital alcohol detector for a few seconds. Generally 2 to 5 seconds. The breath must be strong and steady. The device measures the blood alcohol level by registering the amount of alcohol in air in the lungs. Afterwards, the display will show a reading for the BAC level of the person who blew into the device.

Most models of alcohol blood testers require a countdown after starting up. This is to allow the alcohol tester equipment to register at the right temperature for the most accurate results.


Portable Breathalyzers For Parents

While some parents are dead set against drinking, others allow it as long as their teens make smart decisions about where they are and what they are doing while they are drinking. Regardless of what kind of parent you are, portable breathalyzers are a benefit for any parent.

For parents that do not allow drinking, asking teens to use the breathalyzer when they get home can give you peace of mind that your teen was abiding by your rules. For parents that want thier teens safe but allow drinking, send the breathalyzer with them. Alcohol blood testers are fun to use, so yes their friends will want to use it too. Your teen can be assure that they don't have to just get into a car with someone who gave their word they are sober. They can ask them to try out the device and know for sure that the person is completely sober.

Consumer breathalyzers are not the same as those used by law enforcement. They are however required by the FDA to pass premarket clearance to prove that the device is safe and effective


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    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

      Great info Sunstreeks! My son would definintely take the breathalyzer to show his friends, lol. He understands the importance of not getting into a vehicle with anybody under drug or alcohol influence. He will actually call the Police to get him home. Lucky his cousin is on the force, lol.

    • agrande profile image

      agrande 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      This is an interesting hub. In my small town in Oregon alcohol is not really the big problem anymore. The kids are turning to prescription pills that they steal from their parents or buy on the street. It is an epidemic and it will be a battle to combat because you can't smell the drugs on their breath.

    • Garrett McLee profile image

      Garrett McLee 8 years ago from Florida

      Not just teens, but a lot of adults need these, too.

    • melshomecorner profile image

      Melinda Winner 8 years ago from Mississippi

      I have a 15 year old son. He does not drink that I know of, but he has a friend or two that I swear I can smell booze on them. My son is always asking to go places with them, I never let him go because of the booze smell. If I had one of these I would know for sure. Good Hub, I was shocked to see I could purchase one. I thought only the police could own these testers. Very Helpful thanks