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Portable Keyboard; A beautiful start for the year to a lifetime together.

Updated on March 21, 2009

Technology is music to my ears

Technology is music to my ears and I just love innovations. The beauty of today contemporary musical instrument is that it takes the best of state of the art technology and makes it so simple for people even those not music enthusiast to just enjoy the music experience. If we take away from the product, brand or business aspect that the particular company has created then it is really about the music, and music is an intrinsic part of peoples life.

While walking into a prestige music equipment mega trade show one day, the awesome sound systems using high technology was so amazing that I was sold! The market today is not about the traditional high-end audio anymore but the changing experience and the different lifestyle offerings we are making. Take the current economic climate as an example, people spend less on extravagant holidays and get back to enjoying the pleasures of home, seeking the refuge in music again.

We need to embark on a course of innovation and not imitation, otherwise we will have a 'me too' economy. To achieve an innovation-led economy, it has to start from within us. Most of us were born creative but somehow along the way, as we grow up, we become less and less creative. It has also a lot to do with our upbringing. At home, our parents often tell us "do not do this" and "do not do that". And in school our teachers tell us "you cannot do this" and "you cannot do that". This is the right answer and if you answer differently, it is wrong.

APPLE's new innovation is another good example. Though it takes a little longer as expected but it is worth the wait. The company's multimedia suite iLife '09 offers iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. The GarageBandappealed to mainly trained musicians and music producers, it is now accessible to music beginners. The GarageBand '09 comes with 18 basic lessons on how to play the piano and guitar. The latest version also includes new guitar amp and stomp-box effects while Magic GarageBand Jam allows users to play along with a virtual band. Well, at least this is what technology and innovation means to me for now.


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    • profile image

      Charmaine Lim 8 years ago

      Innovations are value added services in laymen terms today.