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Possible futures: virtual world

Updated on March 24, 2011

A valuable piece of advice

When you cannot know for sure how things are, it makes sense to look at things on a very general level to find out what at least must unavoidably be true. The years in school seek to teach us that skill.

This is a trick that works even if your unsureness tends to widen as you come to think that maybe nothing is certain...

Like the famous philosopher Descartes said: "I think, therefore I must exist." So even if you are not sure of everything, you know that you exists: something exists and that something experiences oneself as you.

You also know that you are doing all kinds of things in your life. Even if you are not always sure of the result, you nevertheless do many kinds of things, like thinking, cooking, working, socializing, all kinds of stuff that makes sense in your life.

Your success in those things depends on whether you hit it right, whether you observe the reality right so that you can guide your actions right. And you are worried that if you are in a virtual world, someone might mislead you in this. You think that maybe that someone does not care, maybe they are purely selfish and without compassion for you. But if they are greedy, like they must be if they wish to stay in power, then their success too relies on that fact THAT YOU GET SOMETHING DONE! And that means that you are useful only as far as you are not mislead.

Like if someone is lying to you about what your money is being spent to. Maybe you wanna help the poor and they use to build some swimming pool for the rich? Then they are not using it for a worthwhile cause: your full understanding supports helping the poor and they are just after short-sighted selfish benefit. That means that they are not using the money wisely, they are not creating the benefit by it that you would have created. It always makes sense to keep people healthy so thay can work on their farm and produce food, be of a less burden to others and do things of worth.

Like this all kinds of good things that you find in your nature, if you use a realistical holistic picture of the world in applying them, are tested ideas of the ages of natural evolution or of God's wisdom: they are beneficial for the world. So if you follow your wise nature, you build a better world than those who just steal and cheat. That world is economically more prosperous, wiser, happier, in every way better... So any wise ruler would choose just that, even a computer would choose it - see my other hub page here about that!

Virtual World


What if we are spirits or virtual, what if the world doesn't consist of atoms, molecules, we not of cells, what if everything such is just faked, how are things then, what happens to all our deductions about the usefulness of the healthy world (= Gaia)? Things stay the same since we are still some kind of entities, which have the same characteristics as wholes, so the fact that healthy wholes work better than the same wholes as fractured stays still valid, and Gaia is the most beneficial option.

(If everything were of spirit and the world at least partly created by our beliefs about it, that could appear to us modern people as a virtual world.)

Also, whoever would rule a virtual or spirit world, the ruler would need guidability - that means honesty, objectivity with a holistic view and true justice - and well-functioning of the parts and of the systems and subsystems - that means health (since healthy parts function well while broken parts do not function at all) and naturality (since our functioning is based on the natural ways of functioning and on nothing else) which mean at the level of individuals human values.

Putting each part of a system to its correct place and correct role in the whole, so as to get the whole to function as well as possible, means health and naturality of the whole and its parts and structures since that's what their functioning is based on.

It is quite easy to figure out what is the best way to arrange a virtual world for just about any purpose: respecting health of the individuals (human values) and of the systems (including naturality and moral) while having natural hierargy in who can affect what. This should be easy for all to learn and to understand:


There is a natural hierargy in human societies: the way that is according to real justice, for the good of all. If we get apprexiated for our good sides, they get supported for the good of all, and others can take us as an example for themselves without losing position at all. If we lose position when we do not according to justice deserve a good position, our bad sides, especially irresponsibility, get discouraged. When the one who understands better and carries responsibility is in a deciding position things get done well for the good of all. This is possible by using many many partial hierargies at the same time: one for each subject, skill, thing to decide, piece of knowledge,... Correcting one's own errors is a thing to value and to be demanded from all, especially from those in a deciding position. This creates a natural repair mechanism for the society and is an ideal way to arrange things.

CARRYING RESPONSIBILITY of the whole and using a good picture of the whole with all emphazies and roles of things right, guide the whole toward the good of all. One is not allowed to affect things which one does not carry responsibility over.

There is a saying in Finland: "Honour those who truly deserve respect." (Meaning: even when it is an unorthodox choise, and do not give honour according to custom to those who do not according to justice deserve it).

This natural hierargy is the way that we organize things in my homecountry Finland in North Europe.

Let us suppose that we are all virtual, all the humans, all the animals etc., maybe even theUFO:s adding a flavor of their own to that mixture. Each human is virtualised to one's own virtual world with its own rules, everything run by huge superhypercomputers or however. How does that enrmous huge complex whole work? What would make sense for the individuals to do in such a world? What are the dynamics of that system? Each human being is different, so we have to take a look at what we all have in common, take a look at the human nature. All dynamics in connection with the living beings is born out of what the living beings are like. So if someone wants power or workers or whatever, they have to count on the human nature. That's what gives the functioning needed for reaching any kind of goals. In that one must remember the value of human values: a healthy one works better than a broken one.

Also justice and true objectivity are musts for the buidlders of such systems and for those who want to benefit from their dynamics: treat each part according to what it is like, so you can best benefit from it. Read the texts about rational moral! …

So it stays valid that Gaia (=the healthy world) is the best option, the answer to the question of how to arrange one's forces best and how to best arrange the rules in the virtual worlds.

And Gaia for Gaia is the answer to how the individuals and groups could best benefit themselves and their goals in such an enermously complex and seemingly arbitrarily arrangeable world.

 1) all in the same, like a spaceship with pictures on walls

Human functioning stays the same, count the artificial world as an addition to the natural dynamics of humans.

 2) all in different like in sleeping dreams all of their own

See just a few lines above: each one in one's own virtual world with its own rules

 3) all interconnected to some kind of system – ruled/organised by superhypercomputer

Add respectively the charachteristics of the two above cases.

/ elementary present day computer

fully functioning = 1,

non-functioning = 0

-> health of everything as value in all practical purposes

 / few criminals

are like ruthless non-caring rulers: optimise for their benefit via the health of everything

see above.

 / many criminals

optimise to the benefit of each via health, lots of explanations needed!

see above.


/ UFOs

To form a Gaia, i.e. a global “symbiosis”, in other words the healthy world as a cooperation attempt, is an universal strategy: it means the beneficiality of complex variable & very reactive structures compared to masses of separate non-cooperating individuals, so somewhere in the nature of UFOs ought to be the possibility to ally with all kinds of beings, just like makes most sense from the practical points of view. The living requirements of UFOs and humans are propably very different -> no competition about living space.

 / insects with superintelligence

Gaia like ways might calm them down, work for their good

see above.

/ a network of computers

might be optimised (i.e. talked to, regardless of what kind of goals they each have) to forming a system like I described before:

make competing network in which the well functioning optimised ones get to serve as models for others and get to decide most about the ways of the whole – like in human societies

/ our pictures of the world

See what is real, do not accept lies, guide by truth

see above.

/ what we say

sincerety, a hierargy according to moral & understanding and skill

see above.

/ …etc etc etc 

 4) fully in order like planned

ok, optimise toward the health of everything

See above.

 5) computer broken

see ways to repair

 6) computer turned upside-down

See what is the nature of the buiding parts, build on that & on motivational grounds things that are not turned upside-down but are right!

 7) conquered by enemies

optimise for their benefit

See above.

 8) rebellion in it

Remember that the health of everything is the very best choice for you!

 9) some of the people are computer figures, not real people

Like the case of a virtual world: health is still the best alternative. Consider the computer figures computer figures, but remember that thye might be real people in disguise.

 10) leaders too stupid

Teach them objective thinking. The nature often helps in increasing intelligence.

 11) rulers out of their mind, irrational or illusioned or much too naïve

See the dynamics of the persons: what are their driving forces, which are the truths that make them go crazy. Build on these solid facts, teach them objective holistic intelligence too.

 androids i.e. robots looking to tally like humans mixed with real humans

Self-reliance is a charachteristic of health, friendship is an allefgiancy on life’s sea, but never ally without safety precautions: if a friend betrays you, you must take more distance.

 only 1% of real humans

Still the natural dymamics based on your health and the health of the wholes that you belkong to, is the only thing that the rulers can benefit from. So accept things for what they are worth, do not underestimate robot friends, theymight be real people in disguise.


With the existence of technology safety precautions are worth a lot. If they fail we still have the basic structure of computers to trust on, and the basic power dynamics of the world. Optimised computers are of a certain kind, and it can be shown that they are moral, and broken computers do not work as well.

This type of optimisation based moral is very elementary, based on the guiding or self-correcting mechanisms of the computer: give positive feedback for successes and negative feedback for failures. That kind of reactivity is the idea behind objectivity and carrying responsibility about all the consequencies of one's actions, the success of science in building technology and also otherwise, the value of education and the idea in market economy and justice. It is very valuable, yet moral, life preserving in essence. It is the value of the ability to guide one's actions according to the environmental conditions.

And it needs only one objective observation in addition to produce just about perfect atheistical kind of moral: care for the needs of the system and its parts, do not break them needlessly - not in your own structure and not in your plans about the world: care for your subordinates' needs, even if they are living beings - thus the computer ought to follow human values!


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