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Psy, The King of YouTube

Updated on September 15, 2013

Psy in Concert



Psy is a male 35 year old South Korean singer and songwriter who has risen to prominence at exponential levels. A family man, married with children, Psy has also become an unlikely sex symbol to many.

Somewhat overweight and far from the vision of the typical male K-Pop (Korean pop) singer, he is nevertheless doing what he does in high style.

Psy appears to have a terrific sense of humor and often includes impersonations of other superstar celebrities such as Beyoncé in his act.

He also seems to have a somewhat self deprecating sense of humor, not afraid to make fun of himself at all.

His stage name Psy is said to be a play on the word psycho or psychotic. He considers himself crazy for music!

Gangnam Style

Psy is perhaps most famous for his song Gangnam Style, a nod to the part of South Korea he hails from. The claim is that when he does something, he does it Gangnam Style.

Record breaker

Psy has broken records for number of views on a YouTube video with his Gangnam Style video reaching over 1.7 billion views thus far. He is the first to go over 1 billion views. It is quite phenomenal really. This video has gone beyond viral. He has become known as Psy, the King of YouTube.

Thus far, over 7 million people have taken the time to click that they like the video and over 800,000 have clicked the dislike button.

So, while he does have some dissenters, Psy is not letting that bring him down. Liking the video or not, people are taking the time to view it and with over 1.7 billion views, imagine Psy's YouTube revenue. He might be laughing straight to the bank. Another video of his, Gentleman, has also reached over 500,000 views.

According to, Psy's current net worth is estimated to be $25 million.

Among the highlights in the Gangnam Style video, Psy can be seen in a stable full of horses in stalls.

A key dance component is holding the arm above the head and circling it like you are using a lasso to round up an animal all while moving your legs and feet in a manner as if you are galloping on a horse and commanding it to 'giddy up'.

I have seen this type of dance move before and subsequently don't think Psy has claimed to originate it but he has certainly made it massively popular on a global scale.

Gangnam Style video

North Korea vs. South Korea

With North Korea and South Korea having been in a years long war (a peace treaty was never signed) with both countries disputing over a peninsula boundary and each claiming sovereignty over the land, Psy has been asked to comment.

On numerous occasions, various media outlets have asked for his point of view on this subject. He has said that as an entertainer, he does not aspire to get involved in political discussion and debate, but of course he wished the discord would end.

He is making his music for everyone and hopes the heavily patrolled North Koreans will enjoy it one day as well.

A true countryman

When it comes to his native South Korea, Psy is nevertheless a true countryman and was very vocal when there was a tragic accident where two Korean school girls were killed on a roadside by a passing American military vehicle in 2002.

While he was grieving the loss of the children, many of Psy's sentiments were regarded as anti-American by some.

Yet, in later years, Psy now King of YouTube continued his rise to great fame and popularity in the USA, appealing to the masses, with his song Gangnam Style rising to the top of the music charts in the past year.

Psy at Wikipedia

I credit Wikipedia as a source for the synopsis I have been able to provide. To learn more about Psy, you can view his more extensive Wikipedia biography here:


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