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How To Market a Business, QR Code, and Funny, Unique Ideas

Updated on October 12, 2012

What in the World is a QR Code?

If you have been paying attention, you have already noticed these funny looking things in your daily newspaper and on numerous magazines. This is a Quick Response Code. They are similar to a bar code that you are probably very familiar with, as they are on all products in the supermarket as the way the checker rings up the prices of your merchandise.

If you produce a product, such as a book or magazine, you may place this QR Code next to the bar code, and for those people who have i phones, Androids and blackberrys, they can use their phone as a scanner that they hover over this code and it leads their phone to a website, blog, facebook fan page, or wherever the QR code is linked to. People carry their phones around all the time, and are likely to become curious when they see a QR code. To any business minded individual, this spells possible passive traffic. If you just put up a website advertisement people see what you are about and typing a website into a phone is not much fun, and people can easily just forget they saw your ad, however, when people have nothing to do and a phone in their hand, what comes next? They will scan the QR code and be led to your domain, and could very well lead to a future client. Quick response codes will probably become useful for busy parents in the coming years too.

The Future of QR

In Korea people are using their phones to buy groceries. There are billboards placed with pictures of products in subway stations, and each of those photos has a Quick Response Code on it. Using their phone to scan the QR code, Koreans can add items into a virtual cart and the order is placed. Within hours their products are shipped to their home. We will be seeing a lot of QR codes in the future.

How to get your QR Code Now- If you have a blackberry, Android or i-phone you may go to and enter an URL for your website or blog and you will instantly get your QR Code.

It is not uncommon to see cars driving around with wraps that have their QR code, or people wearing t-shirts, carrying notebooks, and drinking from mugs that have a Quick Response code. It inspires people to want to scan and look up your business more than anything else right now, because they are still new, and can be done while waiting in line at starbucks.

Think of it this way; if you see a car driving around with one of these on it and you have your smart phone with you, its tempting to just want to take a look. It's a certainty that you will get more traffic if you wear a shirt, carry a purse, or drive a car that has this code.

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    • Skarlet profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      Thank you nakmeister.

      I will have to check out the Microsoft Tag, as I have always thought the QR was a little unfriendly looking.

    • nakmeister profile image


      6 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      I've come across them a few times but never explored this properly, thanks for the info. As QR codes become more known and popular, the potential will increase. There is also Microsoft Tag which is colourful and looks nicer than QR codes (you can even customise the look of them to make a picture I believe!)


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