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RSS Submission :: RSS Feed URL Submit Process :: With Categories

Updated on February 4, 2015

RSS Feed URL Submission to RSS Feed Directories

OK, you have completed the RSS Submission :: RSS Feed URL Submit Process for those feed diectories that require just the RSS feed URL and little else. This means that you have completed your preparation for the task of submitting your RSS feed URL's to RSS feed aggregators. You have created your RSS feeds using categories or tags. Now use the spreadsheet you created and be prepared to select a category for your feed on each of the RSS feed directories detailed below.

For each of the feed directories below you can see the categories by passing your cursor over the directory web-address in this article. This will allow you to consider which category is most appropriate for your RSS feed before you decide to upload your feed to that particular directory. In addition, you will see if there is a category that is appropriate and decide whether or not the directory is appropriate for your RSS feed before you access the RSS feed directory.

Alexa Rank

  • Plazoo = 6
  • Dr5z5 = 3
  • Feedfury = 3
  • RSSRoot = 0
  • RSSMicro = n/a

RSS Feed URL Submission :: Enter Your Feed and Choose a Category

The following RSS feed aggregator's require you to enter your RSS feed URL and select a category into which your RSS feed should be placed in the directory. If you pass your cursor over the web address for each of the RSS aggregator's in the list below you will see the categories that you can choose from for that aggregator.

  • Dr5z5 - - once you submit your URL you will be presented with the details that are stored against your RSS feed URL. The web URL, title and description are retrieved. You are then required to choose a category which best suits your RSS feed. You can see a list of these if you pass your cursor over the link address above.
  • FeedFury - (no longer available) - this is a most annoying site as whenever you wish to add an RSS feed you need to complete a survey. If you can stand this annoyance then use this site - otherwise forget it! Not only that but hubbers should note that they will get the following message after all the pratting about getting to the point of submission: 'Sorry, this domain may no longer be submitted due to low-quality content or abuse' - great, thanks guys!
  • Liquida - (no longer available) - you will be required to enter a title, category and your author name (I used "humagaia") in addition to your RSS feed URL's.
  • Plazoo - - in addition to submitting your RSS feed URL and choosing a category you will be required to enter your email for each URL submitted.
  • RSSMicro - - Your first name, last name and email address is requied before entering your RSS feed URL and an optional category. Submitting your RSS or Atom feed URL does not guarantee that the feed will be indexed by RSSMicro. You get updated information on your feed by email. The site also states that a FeedRank algorithm checks 16 different areas and measures the quality of the content on your feed and reports that FeedRank to you. Unfortunatley I keep getting 'Bad Request' when I try to upload my RSS feed URL's.
  • RSSNetwork - - submit a new RSS file URL or update an existing listing. You need to specify a valid and accessible URL and select a proper category. Newly submitted feeds will appear soon after a quick review of their content. I used the category: Article feeds / Topic specific for all of my Hubpage Hub RSS feeds.
  • RSSRoot - (no longer available) - you will need to scroll down to enter your RSS feed URL and suggest a category. An email address is also required. The categories are shown above if you move the cursor over the link.

The following RSS feed aggregators also require just the RSS feed URL and category but are aggregator's for specific major categorisations:

Use the above specific RSS feed directories if your feed is related to the particular category.

Alexa Rankings

  • Feedage = 6
  • RSSmountain = 5
  • Jordomedia = 3
  • RSS001 = 1

RSS Feed URL Submission :: Aggregator's Requiring Registration

The following RSS feed aggregator's require you to register before they allow you to submit your RSS feed URL's:

  • FeedAge - to register - enter RSS feed URL's: - once you enter your RSS feed URL and the niche (category) the title for your RSS feed will be retrieved from the RSS feed details. If not retrieved then you will need to enter the title you require. The niches can be found above if you pass your cursor over the submit URL.
  • JordoMedia - look on the left hand side to register. You will need to confirm your e-mail address. Once registered, to enter your RSS or ATOM feed you will need to return to: - for each RSS feed you will need to enter the Category (pass your cursor over the URL above to see categories), Tags, Your Name and Your E-mail address.
  • RSS001 (no longer available) - to register. You will be requested to confirm your e-mail by e-mail. To enter your RSS feed URL: The title of the RSS feed is retrieved. The RSS feed you submit must be from a website with a home page PageRank of 2 or greater. It will be moderated and available only after being approved.
  • RSSMountain - to register you will need to confirm your e-mail address. To enter your RSS feed URL's: - you will need to enter the RSS feed name, description and choose a category.

Submit Your RSS Feed URL's to an RSS Feed Directory

--- Remarks, Observations and/or Criticisms are Welcomed ---

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