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Step up From A Point & Shoot Camera, Digital Bridge Cameras, Great Camera Deals Online

Updated on May 31, 2011

What is a Bridge camera?

A bridge camera is just like the name implies. It is a "bridge" between the Point and Shoot camera to the DSLR. It is also middle ground in size. Point and Shoots are compact and sleek and a bridge camera is more sculptured with a chunky hand grip, size-able rear LCD and large buttons that make setting functions easier. They have fixed lenses and are not interchangeable but many models offer great zoom capabilites. A plus of a fixed lens is you won't have to worry about dust getting on to the sensor and ruining your shots. If you are not ready to switch lenses, this might be the right choice for you.  They do offer the simplicity of a point and shoot with an automatic mode but also offer full manual controls over shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance and metering. Those features are typically similar to a DSLR  except for a smaller range of ISO sensitivity because of their  smaller image sensor.


Bridge Camera

Bridge Camera
Bridge Camera | Source

Ready for the next step in digital photography?

There is so many great "Point and Shoot" digital cameras that take really excellent photographs. As a matter of fact, many of my best shots have come from a Point and Shoot. They are convenient and slip into a pocket or purse and I always keep one handy. However, if you are ready to upgrade but are not confident enough (or want to make the investment until you are ready) to advance to an DSLR camera (digital single-lens reflex camera), you might want to consider upgrading to a "bridge" camera.

To sum it up...

A good bridge camera can have a sharp and bright lens with a wide zoom range. It is a perfect step up from a point and shoot if you are ready to learn manual settings while still having an automatic setting to rely on. It is usually smaller and lighter than a DSLR camera with a wide zoom range that is great for most occasions. They are perfect if you don't want to take time to change lenses and carry around a lot of gear. If you are looking for the very best professional quality nothing replaces a DSLR if you are ready for the cost involved. A Bridge camera is a good choice for those that aren't quite ready to advance to the DSLR. There are a lot of great deals online to help you make the transition without breaking the bank.



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