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Reasons To Get A Prepaid Cell Phone

Updated on July 12, 2009

There are several reasons to get a prepaid mobile phone. Technology is advancing very quickly. Some people can not get hold of contract mobile phones for one reason or another so a prepaid cell phone is a great alternative.

The type of cell phone you decide to purchase will depend on the features that you require but you will be able to find a prepaid kind, whatever you need to do.

Here are a few reasons why people choose to buy a prepaid mobile phone.

Help Keep Track Of Your Children’s Schedules By Cell Phone

Everyone is busy. Children can have a particularly long day because of all the activities they may be involved with. Not only do they have to deal with school on a daily basis but extra curricular activities could include music lessons, ballet class, drama lessons etc. If your teen has a phone, you can always be sure where they are and that they are safe. A quick phone call can let you know in good time if practice has been cancelled or extended.

Contract Not Needed

A prepaid mobile phone means that you do not have to sign up to a contract for a particular length of time.  There is no obligation.  Once you have bought the phone, it is yours for keeps.

T Mobile Nokia 1208 prepaid cell phone
T Mobile Nokia 1208 prepaid cell phone

No Contract Fees

As you do not have to set up a monthly or yearly contract with the phone company there is no ongoing fees to pay, however in order to use the phone, money has to be charged to it. Some companies may charge you for this but there are some prepaid cell phones that charge little or nothing.

Assist Your Child To Learn The Value Of Money & Responsibility

The cost of the phone could be seen as a responsibility for your teen. You could make it a condition that they use their pocket money to top it up. This teaches them the value of money and they will learn how to monitor their own phone calls because they are the ones that are paying for them.

Outgoing Phone Calls Can Be Limited By The Parent

A prepaid phone can also be pre set with a limited amount of phone numbers. This is a good idea for younger children. They would only be able to use the phone to contact the people that have been pre-approved. Useful numbers would be the home number, mum and dad’s work place and their mobile numbers as well as the grandparents and of course the phone number for the emergency services.

If you would like to have the peace of mind that you can get in touch with your child at anytime so that you can be assured of their safety and well being, a pre paid mobile phone might just be the answer.

These are just a few of the reasons to get a prepaid mobile phone. If you want to find out more, do a quick online search to compare and contrast prices to find a phone that will suit your requirements.

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  • rb11 profile image

    rb11 8 years ago from Las Vegas

    You have touched on good points, especially with kids. They probably abuse this the most just for the novelty of it, of course not knowing how much it costs when going over the allotted minuets. For people with credit issues this is a must have.