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The Advantages Of Owning Two Prepaid Mobile Phones

Updated on July 11, 2009

I am the proud owner of two prepaid mobile phones and I have a distinct reason for this.

I came very late to the whole mobile phone thing. When they started to get popular, I wasn’t particularly interested. I kept thinking, why would I need a mobile phone? If I am arranging to meet someone at a particular time, I will get there. If either of us is a little late, it is not the end of the world. We would simply wait until the other one arrives. No problem.

Nowadays people are on the phone for every little thing, giving a blow by blow account of their journey to meet you. “Hi, I am the train now so I should be there in about 10 minutes” – “oops sorry, just went through a tunnel, anyway what was I saying, oh yes, I will there in about 9 minutes – oh no my credit is running out, can you call me back?” on and on and on.

Anyway, back to the point. Yes, I finally succumbed and bought a phone. I got the cheapest one available. I am not interested in buying into the latest trends and fashions at all and will wait for months or years before I buy something that others would line up outside stores at midnight in order to be the very first to own the latest iphone or blackberry.

My current mobile is a Nokia 2310 Pink cell
My current mobile is a Nokia 2310 Pink cell

My first phone was a Sagem model and it was very basic.  I had that phone for quite a few years until it was frankly too embarrassing to take it out of my bag whenever it rang.  It looked really dated compared to everyone around me with their new fangled flip top phones and slim line makes that could slide shut.  My phone looked like a child’s plaything. It simply had to go.

I bought my second mobile – another Sagem (in other words – cheap).  It was a slightly sleeker model, although I am sure it was still 2 or 3 years behind everyone else’s. 

Finally, last year I decided to buy a phone that had extra features.  I bought a Nokia 2310 because it was cheap, naturally and it had an inbuilt radio.  Unfortunately the only colour the shop had was pink. I am not a girly girl so I wasn’t really sure but, hey it was cheap and it had a radio.

So I have my pink Nokia 2310 and do you know what?  I don’t even use the bloody radio. I realized quite quickly that I actually like peace and quiet when I am travelling on the train, which is where I thought I would use the radio.  I prefer to read without surround sound interference of music.  Unfortunately I have to deal with rude people who insist on either playing their music with the loudspeaker on or they turn the volume up so loud that you can hear the tinny sounding music coming from their earphones. Why are people so inconsiderate?

hy I Have Two Prepaid Mobile Phones

I purchased my second phone for one reason only. It is an Orange mobile phone and I wanted to qualify for the Orange cinema tickets offer where you can buy two cinema tickets for the price of one at any participating cinema. I bought the cheapest of the cheapest models online (naturally). It cost me £5 plus £5 top up – So £10 in total. I then got £5 cashback from the site I bought it from. I have already used it enough times to cover its cost since cinema tickets are not cheap.

I love my prepaid mobile phones. I spend very little so it would be a waste to purchase a contract alternative.

Prepaid mobiles are great for people who don’t need to top up too often and who are happy with a bog standard cheap as chips phone that is definitely not trying to make a technological fashion statement whatsoever.

Now should I replace my Betamax VCR with VHS or should I leave it for a few more years, to see if something better will be developed? Ho hum………

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