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Refurbished Apple iTouch: As Good as New?

Updated on July 2, 2010

When does an Apple product classify as refurbished? Factory refurbished items had some part fail when they were originally sold while still covered under warranty. Since it isn’t always practical to fix and ship the same item in a timely fashion, Apple is known to send the original purchaser a new product while the original item is put in the queue to be inspected, repaired and sold at a reduced price.

Advantages of Refurbished Items from Apple

The main benefit is of course the price; Savings up to $50 can be had on the “iTouch”. Not only can you get the exact same model that is selling elsewhere on the store at the better price, you can also get an older generation model for an even greater savings.

Long-time fans are well aware of the merits of Apple-certified refurbished gear. Non-working parts are replaced with new components and the product is tested by competent staff. Any refurbished iPod is sure to look new, as they are given a brand new shell, cleaned and polished to perfection. They don’t cheap out and reuse dingy parts to save a buck as the standards as set just as high with a refurbished iPod Touch as with a new item. Some even argue that a refurbished product from Apple is less likely to go bad since they are inspected even more carefully once repaired.

The iPod Touch comes with all manuals and accessories, including unopened earbuds, all in a new pristine white box.

What if Something Breaks?

Refurbished items in the apple store have the same warranty as if purchased it new. Parts and labour are coved for one year. If anything goes wrong with your “iTouch”, Apple will replace it for fix the problem and ship it back to you. Phone support is free for the first 90 days, ensuring you can get your music to synch properly with iTunes, connect to local WiFi networks etc.
For extra protection you can optionally extend the warranty for an extra two years with Apple Care.

Warning: Stick with Authorized Dealers

Guarantees are only valid if you purchase the iPod Touch from an authorized dealer. This doesn’t mean it has to be the Apple Store. All the big box tech stores have the okay from Apple: some including Best Buy,, select sellers on eBay and Future Shop (in Canada).

Only defects from manufacturing errors are valid for repair under warranty. So don’t use your iPod Touch as a drink coaster, or to protect yourself from gunfire.


Reports about refurbished Apple laptops, mobile items and iPods are extremely positive. Pros as well are cons were sought out before writing this article, however only pros were found. If you want a new “iTouch” but are a little short on cash, this option is simply the best out there.


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