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Unlock Reliance 3g Tab

Updated on July 5, 2012

Unboxing Reliance 3g tab

Reliance 3g tab

The tablet PC war has begun and as usual Reliance has entered the war with the launch of their low budget reliance 3g tab with an affordable price of 12999 INR. Reliance 3G tab looks like a definite product for those who have wished to own a tablet PC but dropped the idea due to their sky-high prices.

Form Factor

The device is designed and manufactured by the Chinese company ZTE which has worked with Dell. Look wise the Reliance 3g tab is similar to the Galaxy tab by Samsung. It has a screen resolution of 800x480 pixels on a 7inch capacitive touch screen. It has a 3.5mm hands free socket and a USB port on either sides. Reliance 3g tab comes with a free 4GB micro SD card and supports up to 32 GB storage memory.
It weighs a little under 400g which is not bad for a cheaper tablet as it is only a few grams heavier than the expensive Galaxy tab.

Reliance 3g Tab Review


The reliance 3g tab runs on Android version 2.3, Gingerbread with a 800MHz processor. It has 512 MB RAM which enhances its performance. Reliance makes your experience even better with the 3G high speed internet at an affordable price of 598 INR per month for 2GB.
Reliance 3g tab has a battery life of 300 hours on standby mode.
This tablet PC comes with dual camera(with VGA at front and 2MP rear camera)
WiFi Hotspot
It allows you to connect with up to 5 device at a time with its Wifi Hotspot feature.
Preloaded Apps
Reliance 3g tab comes with many preloaded apps like Youtube, google map, Facebook, Gmail and of course you can download more apps from the android market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use any sim in reliance 3g tab?
A. Reliance 3g tab is locked so you can only use only reliance sim card in reliance 3g tab. If you put any other network’s sim card in the device then you will have to enter a lock code.

Q.Can I use 2g sim in reliance 3g tab?
A. The answer is YES. You can use 2g sim in reliance 3g tab. That means you can use 2g data plans of reliance smart on reliance 3g tab.

Q. Can I use internet with wifi connection without inserting any sim in reliance 3g tab?
A. Yes you can always connect to wifi without inserting any sim card in the tab.

Q. Can I watch movies on reliance 3g tab?
A. Yes reliance 3g tab can play video formats like MP4, avi, and H.263 and H.264 encoded videos. You can also download applications to play other video formats on reliance 3g tab.

Q. How can I unlock reliance 3g tab?
A. Here is the guide to unlock your reliance 3g tab. Please read it carefully. If you try to insert sim card of any other network in reliance 3g tab then the device will ask you for the unlock code which you may get from the reliance service center.

Q. Can I use reliance 3g tab for video calling?

A. Yes, reliance 3g tab can be used for video calling. It comes with a front vga camera for videocall support. However it doesn't support video calling while using skype.

Q. How much speed can i get with reliance 3g tab?

A. With reliance 3g tab you can get 3g internet speed up to 7.2 mbps depending on various factors such as network availability, no. of users, etc.

What do you prefer?

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Unlocking reliance 3g tab

Unlocking Reliance 3g tab

Most of the people who have bought relaince 3g tab are looking for a way to unlock it so that they can use another network's sim in the reliance tab. The reliance tab comes with a network lock which can obviously be unlocked but it is advised not to get it unlocked because you will lose all the warranties provided by the reliance after that. But, if you think that you wont need the warranty and any want your reliance tab unlocked than i will suggest that you don't try to unlock it on your own as you may get it locked even for the reliance sim and you will have to take it to the reliance outlet to get it fixed which is a waste of time.

If you really want to get your reliance 3g tab unlocked then go to any mobile phone market in your area and you can always find people who can do it for you for a fairly small price. Usually no one will take more than 250-300 INR for unlocking the device which is a good idea. But you must make sure that the person is genuine and provide guaranteed solution.

Yuvraj Singh Suffering from Cancer! please pray for him!

If you want to unlock your reliance tab yourself in 15 minutes then read my article Unlocking Reliance 3g tab


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    • profile image

      visittokiran 4 years ago

      how can i upgrad my ubislate 7 c+ tab OS

    • profile image

      saif 5 years ago

      my relince tab does not connect with wifi. when i connect it with wifi a message show i.e your device does not write mac address . please conform

      plz help me some one

    • mohitmitm profile image

      mohitmitm 5 years ago

      @govinspkt- read the detailed steps from the link i posted

    • profile image

      govinspkt 5 years ago

      I bought Reliance 3G tab to myanmar,I don't have idea to insert myanmarGSM.Please help me.

    • profile image

      vijay sharma 5 years ago

      how to use video chat in yahoo messenger by reliance 3g tab

    • profile image

      Pranav 5 years ago

      hey mohit

      regarding the problem i told u about. i found out something.

      when i create a new apn it needs me to change MNC code. if i change the default value to anything other then 14, then the apn does not get saved.

      so ideally data would not work on the tab till we have a solution to change MNC code in APN

      Pls help me with the same.


    • profile image

      prkanwar 5 years ago

      mohit bhai. hello again. i am stuck with one more problem. i got idea sim for for GPRS connection but i am not able to create a connection. once i save it it goes away.

      any clue on this issue

    • mohitmitm profile image

      mohitmitm 6 years ago

      @Samir Please read my new article for unlocking reliance tab yourself in 15 minutes. It contains a step by step guide to unlock tab. Thanks

    • profile image

      samir karki 6 years ago

      Recently i bought a reliance 3g tab can u plz tell me how can i get it unlocked

    • mohitmitm profile image

      mohitmitm 6 years ago

      @divanshu- yes if you insert another network's simcard in locked reliance tab then it asks for unlock pin which you might get from reliance web world or zte's outlet. however zte's outlet is not easy to find and reliance web world might not provide you the unlock code. So, its better to get it unlocked from local mobile phone market. they will charge you 250-300 bucks for that

    • mohitmitm profile image

      mohitmitm 6 years ago

      @Rahul- Please wait for a day or two..i am going to write a step by step guide to unlock tab in just 10-15 minutes without any problem. and if you still want to go for a local market then it will depend on city where you live..

    • profile image

      Rahul 6 years ago

      any suggestions which local market?

    • profile image

      divanshu 6 years ago

      its asking for a pin