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Relieving Windows 8 Annoyances - The On-screen Keyboard

Updated on May 24, 2013

Get Lost

Why Disable The On-screen Keyboard (OSK)??

Windows 8 brought with it a nice and sleek (according to your preference...) Modern interface which is optimised for touch screen. Typing on touchscreens is not possible without OSKs. So, why would you want to disable the OSK in Windows 8?

Not all computers that run Windows 8 are tablets

However, there are many touch-enabled computers that are not tablets and which do come with their own physical keyboards. For example the Microsoft Surface series with their keyboard skins, all the new ultrabooks from Acer/ASUS/Dell/Fujitsu/Lenovo; you name it. I have a feeling that some users might use their touch-enabled computers like me, and therefore would want the OSK to NOT pop up every time they click on a text box.

Here's how:

Run services.msc

The 'Run' dialogue box can be accessed either by

  1. Pressing "Windows Key + X" and choosing "Run", or
  2. Pressing "Windows Key + R" directly

With either method, you should see the "Run" dialogue as shown below. Type in "services.msc" into the text box (with the OSK if you want to bid a final goodbye to it).

"Run" Dialogue Box

Disable "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service"

In the services.msc program, scroll all the way down to find "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service". Double-click on it.

In the next dialogue box that pops up, stop the service and set the "Startup type" to "Disabled".


And that's it.

That's all to it really. 2 minutes of your time to ensure your shiny new touch-enabled computer does not block precious screen space every time you click on a text box.

I hope this article has helped you! If you would like to boot directly to the Desktop, do check out my hub Relieving Windows 8 Annoyances - Boot To Desktop.


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    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago


      This doesn't work on Windows 8. I stopped the service and set the Startup type to disabled. When I rebooted the Touchscreen toolbar is there again.


    • transpose profile image

      transpose 4 years ago from Singapore

      Hey there Joseph, thanks for reading my Hub!

      I think I've encountered the problem you spoke of, can't remember now how I got rid of it. Would let you know once I figure it out this weekend eh?

    • profile image

      Joseph Shain 4 years ago

      Hi Edward,

      I am suffering with another windows 8 problem: the handwriting input window. In windows 7, this window was a small floating bar that you could open by tapping on a floating icon next to your cursor. The windows 7 handwriting window world open there and it world expand to add an additional blank line when you filled a line. Windows 8 is much worse. It only provides two lines, they occupy 1/4 of the screen and I am forever tapping insert when I've typed only a few words because the two lines are full. Can you figure out her to set back to a Windows 7 handwriting utility in windows 8?

      my email is Thanks! Joseph