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Repairing a non-responsive touch screen on an iPod Touch.

Updated on June 24, 2015

Repairing a 3rd Generation Ipod Touch


One of many repair guides to come on issues you may have on your consumer electronics. Here you will find personal reviews on repair services, online sites and other products.

Ipod Repair

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Have no touch sensitivity on your iPod Touch?

Whether your iPod Touch just stopped working or it was accidentally damaged, this is what should be done. (Warning: Some technical skills and soldering maybe required. Also keep in mind that a 3rd Generation 8gb iPod Touch screen is the same as a 2nd generation screen and a 3rd generation 32gb and 64gb iPod Touch have completely different connectors.)

Step 1: Remove the iPod screen with flat tools or a small flat screwdriver and try a new iPod touch screen. There are many take apart videos on YouTube and repair websites. The touch screens run between $10 and $30 dollars online. If you are lucky the new screen will work and you will just have to seal it back up. Make sure you clean out the dust while your in there.

Step 2: If replacing the touch screen didn't fix your no touch issue check the screen connector for any debris or corrosion. Cleaning with acetone or 90% alcohol and a medium bristle brush should get the job done. Now, try a new screen or your old screen. If you get it to work, awesome, otherwise keep reading.

Step 3: If you get intermittent touch sensitivity or the touch screen is acting up, you will need to do some soldering on the connector. Using a fine tip soldering station and silver-bearing solder is recommended (.05mm). Lightly touch up the small pins on the connector and cleanup the solder, make sure no pins are soldered together or touching each other. Clean it up with the acetone or alcohol solution and test it out.

Step 4: If none of this worked for you I recommend an online repair shop. I've had an iPod repaired at with this issue, only to have it fail a week later.

What problems do you have with your iPod Touch chances are I can help you with it. So if you would like to try repairing it for yourself or want to get it fixed, good luck.

Teaser: My next article will be on an interesting repair I stumbled upon for fixing the touch screen issues for a 3rd gen 32gb and 64gb. It only takes one jumper wire! ;)

*UPDATE! Link to repair of touch screen with one wire.

Using a pre-assembled digitizer (touch screen) is easier.


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    • Musicmp3 profile image

      Musicmp3 6 years ago from United States

      A new service heading to stores will be; sending in your broken Ipod to a repair center for $10 for an evaluation, sounds like a good deal.