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Review Of The SHARKK 9 Button Wireless Gaming Mouse

Updated on October 19, 2014

First Impressions

The SHARKK 9 button wireless gaming mouse has a pretty impressive appearance, with a red a black color scheme and a sleek shape. When you first pick it up, it's very light, some people like heavier mice, some like lighter mice, it's all personal preference. The USB plug in thing is very small and almost unnoticeable. When you turn the mouse over, on the bottom there is a small slot for the USB plug and also a switch with three spots.


This mouse has 9 buttons, meaning the regular scroll wheel and left and right buttons, plus three buttons on the right side, (what I assume to be) a double click button right next to the left click button, and two DPI (sensitivity) adjustment buttons behind the scroll wheel. The DPI adjustment is very handy as it is no longer necessary to go into the computer's settings to change the mouse's sensitivity. The three buttons on the side aren't very useful for regular computer use, they are permanently set for control, shift, and alt. For games that use control, shift, or alt, this may prove useful. The double click button is useful for gaming because you can do two hits in the amount of time it takes to do one, however this may be cheating, depending what game you are playing. It's also useful for regular browsing.

The mouse's backlighting feature in action
The mouse's backlighting feature in action

The Good Stuff

With a price of around $15, it is not very expensive at all, and I've had mine for about 7 or 8 months with no trouble. It uses two AA batteries, which are very common, and SHARKK claims it has 12 month battery life. This mouse fits my hand nicely, unlike the gimpy little midget mouse I used to have. I really like the backlighting feature, it helps when I am on my computer in the dark or when I just want my mouse to look cool. It also has a power saving feature that shuts the mouse off after a certain amount of time spent not moving. The mouse also will not turn on if the USB is not plugged in to anything.

The Bad Stuff

There aren't too many bad things about this mouse. However, whenever I use it without a mouse pad it's more glitchy than it is with a mouse pad, but that all depends on your desk surface. It's also very light, some people like a heavier mouse. Another thing that bugs me is that the side buttons can not be reprogrammed. This renders these buttons useless for games that controls can't be set for and don't use command, shift, or alt.

Recommended For Who?

I recommend this mouse to: The casual gamer on a budget

This is because a hardcore gamer would first of all have a wired mouse for millisecond faster response times, and also a hardcore gamer would have a mouse with reprogrammable buttons. This mouse is good for the casual gamer that plays once in a while and needs a mouse for more things than just gaming, and doesn't want to spend a bunch on money. Check out my other hubs for more tech reviews and info, and thanks for reading!


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