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Review of Samsung Galaxy 5

Updated on June 15, 2012

Galaxy 5 or samsung i5500 is one of the cheapest android phones. This phone is running on android OS 2.1 or Eclair. This phone comes with an attractive price tag of Rs 8400-8800. This range is specified as the price varies slightly from region to region. 


Android 2.1- not upgradable.(But you can achieve this by rooting the phone)

2MP camera with smile shot and panorama view

Capacitive 2.8 inch touch screen

186 MB RAM

172 MB free phone memory.

ARM processor running at 600MHz

       This is the best phone available in this price change if you want your phone to perform maximum and do more things. This is the current cheapest android phone. It also posses a wide range of application available through android market. So your phone can do all things that any android phone can do. The capacitive touch screen is very responsive. The processor is very fast. If you are comparing with galaxy 3

Comparison with Galaxy 3

Galaxy 3 costs Rs 3000 more than this phone. Galaxy 3 has 3 inch capacitive screen. RAM of 248 in comparison with 186. phone memory is same. Camera is 3.2 MP.

From this you can understand that the advantages of galaxy 3 are large screen, 50 MB additional RAM, 1.2MP additional capacity for camera. There is no difference in performance or speed. Galaxy 3 comes with some additional preinstalled applications like voice dialler, thinkfree office etc. But if you dont want very good camera you can always go for galaxy 5 since it can do all things that galaxy 3 can do. Also you can save nearly Rs 3000.

But technology is growing making more good features available at lesser prices. Now you can get the features of Galaxy 3 at the price of galaxy 5 in Samsung Pop. It has a 3.2 inch screen, 3.2 MP camera and a RAM of 340MB. So now it is always better to go for samasung pop if you are planning in the range of 8000 and there is samsung Fit with 5MP camera in 10000 range

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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      Yes Justin, you are right. Now the best phone available below sub 10k budget if you are not looking for camera is Galaxy Y. You can also consider Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Pop, Old Galaxy 3 is now available in the market at a low price of nearly 8k.

    • profile image

      Justin 6 years ago

      I think now this phone is gone out of market. The best phone that you can purchase at this price range is Galaxy Y for Rs.6990. It contains 870MHz processor, 256MB RAM, Android 2.3 and a 2MP camera. If you are not looking for a camera phone the best phone under the 10K price range

    • haseebannadamban profile image

      haseebannadamban 7 years ago from india

      nice review