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Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab

Updated on April 8, 2012

Things You Should Know About Samsung Galaxy Tab.....

Everyone seems to be abuzz about the Samsung Galaxy Tab. At first glance, it seems to be at least equal to if not better than the Apple IPad which hit the stores months before the Galaxy Tab's debut. At a little over seven inches versus nine, the "Tab" is a bit smaller than the IPad, yet the screen size and resolution are not compromised. It is light weight with rounded edges and fits well into the palm of your hand. It's 3G browser, 1G Android 2.2 and ample 32GB storage capacity are more than adequate. But, what else are the reviewers saying about it?

Overall, reviewers seem pleased with the basic design. The cover's look may vary a bit since Samsung manufactures the Galaxy Tab to all four of the major US Carriers—Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. The shiny white rounded front panel of the Sprint model is pleasing to the eye and the beveled glass and framing almost fades into the background when viewing the screen. None of the reviewers researched had played with their Sprint Galaxy Tab long enough to see how shiny and white the cover remained after repeated use. But by and large, the main word that described the design was "clean".  

The Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Feature Rich Samsung Galaxy Tab: A Brief Introduction.....

Samsung seems to have investigated where to locate things on this all-in-one device very well. The front and rear cameras are an added plus. On the front side are four touch buttons along with a headphone jack on the top edge. The volume rocker, microSD card slot and power button appear within finger grasp on the right edge. Less convenient, however is the lack of a micro-USB port. The alternative is to use Samsung's charging cable and side-load your content.

As far as comfort, especially for smaller hands, the Galaxy Tab with its 7.4X4.7 inch body and .08 pound weight is far superior to the 9 inch, 1.5 pound IPad or 11.6 inch Expo PC unit. Still not as lightweight as a Kindle, it outshines the Amazon machine in that it does abundantly more than just download your favorite books and magazines. The only problem is that the back panel is slick, so it can slip and slide. A few reviewers suggested that the next Galaxy Tab have a built-in stand or a fold over accessory like the IPad.

Though it doesn’t look it, the Galaxy Tab is surprisingly durable. It took knocks, bumps and even a tumble off a sofa with little to no interruption in connections. The screen, a Corning Gorilla Glass, is one of the most durable available. However, since it is a touch screen, it does need a good wipe down occasionally. But then, all of the brands do.  Speaking of screens, it got several thumbs up in quality. The 1024x600 resolution was sharp and clear at all viewing angles. The color saturation is adjustable as is the brightness. Even on a glaring sunny day, the screen is fairly visible and shooting pictures outdoors is not problematic. The image and the option buttons show up well enough in full sun. The pixel density is better than the IPad, even though there are less of them.

The Galaxy Tab equals the IPad in touch sensitivity and its ability to capture browser images is excellent. The four way accelerometer adjusts quickly no matter how it is turned and there are very few light flicks when you scroll up and down the screen. The downside is you have to switch screens to turn it off like so many of these devices, including smart phones.

The sound quality is fairly decent. The speakers, located at the bottom, give off a surprisingly clear and audible sound. However, for sharing music in public amongst a large group of friends, it is best to attach speakers. As far as the sound quality in comparison to other smart devices, the reviewers said they had little or no complaints.

If you are used to the Galaxy smart phone, you'll have no problems adjusting to the apps on the Galaxy Tab. If not, there is a bit of a learning curve, but no major frustration is involved. The icons are still a bit cartoon-like, but appear crystal clear and are very readable. 

For those who claim that android technology is not ready for a pad, the Galaxy Tab may make them think again. The home page, Swipe keyboard and app drawer fits nicely inside the seven inch screen's parameters. Overall, reviews had mostly positive comments about the Samsung Galaxy Tab. IPad, move over.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab: A Detailde Hands On Video.....

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