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Samsung Galaxy Tab: The Fastest Web Browsing Tablet Ever

Updated on November 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab: An OverView

Since its debut, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has definitely sent shock waves through the world of Apple. The IPad now has a valid competitor in the all-in-one tablet marketplace. But when it comes to a showdown, it is who draws the fastest that usually wins the duel. In this era of cyberspace communication, web browsing speed is the name of the game. A pad can look good, feel great in the palm of your hand and have good game graphics, but if it isn’t up to speed, it isn't worth the money, right? Hardware counts.

The Galaxy Tab can definitely stand up to the bigger guys - bigger in size, that is. As far as pad tablets go, the Galaxy at only 7.4x4.7 inches is the smallest. However, most reviewers agree image viewing and speed are not compromised in the least.

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The original Galaxy Tab comes with a 3G network and 32GB storage capacity. It also has Google's powerful Android 2.2 OS known as Froyo. But here's the real news. It features 512 MB of RAM, compared to the IPad's 256 MB. In comparing the ARM Cortex A8 processor in the Galaxy to the iPad's Apple A4processor, reviewers say the Galaxy Tab is the winner hands down.

Gary Krakow, who is a renown test reviewer of smart phones, tablets and other devices had this to say in his blog on November 12, 2010 -

"We can tell you that on Sprint’s network the Galaxy Tab is amazingly fast. In our informal testing in the New York City metropolitan area, the Tab was the fastest Android device we have ever tested especially when it comes to loading Web pages and switching between tasks."

He isn't the only one to have this opinion. Most reviewers gave the Galaxy Tab 4.5 to 5 stars when it came to speed. It's 1.2GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird application processor blazes through the apps. Many of them also admitted they were surprised the Android could beat Apple. But beat the IPad it did.

But hold your horses. Now, both Sprint and Version have introduced their 4G LTE Galaxy Tab for 2011. In a recent showing in Las Vegas, the new 4G Tab proved to be ten times faster than the 3G version that first debuted. Not only that, it is at least a hundred bucks cheaper if you sign up for a two year contract with Sprint or Verizon. Do we hear a response from the IPad side of the field? 

While Verizon's 4G network covers only about one third of the US in comparison to its 3G, that is quickly being remedied. Within the next two to three years, all of Verizon's network of 93 million customers in the US will be 4G. The speed of the 3G Galaxy Tab is one reason Verizon decided to hang its hat on Samsung's peg. Now with the new 4G, the speed just plain leaves Apple's IPad in the dust.

T-Mobile, who also has a version of the Galaxy Tab, is already up and running with its 4G My Touch. Yet even the older 3G Galaxy Tab is hardly a disappointment to T-Mobile customers.  It access's T-Mobile Qik Video Chat and WiFi sharing features without any problems, making it the fastest by far.

Because of its connections with Google, the Galaxy Tab offers fast referencing and web browsing. You can smart search in a blink with Google Search, pull up Google Maps in a flash, and utilize Gtalk without much lag time at all. It offers faster access as well. The Samsung Social Hub lets you access emails, contacts, social networks and appointments along with Google's calendar app. Considering the amount of precious time people spend online today, being able to quickly access what they need is golden. The Galaxy Tab definitely delivers.

Then of course there is gaming. Not only does the 1024x600 pixel resolution keep the screen images sharp, the games run with little or no drag as do most of the hundreds of thousands of Android apps which are constantly being updated. Uploading is fast as well.

Sure enough, when it comes to lightening fast speed, there is a new kid in town. Meet you at high noon IPad?

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