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Wordpress Engine: Best Host for your Wordpress Website

Updated on April 20, 2015

Why WP Engine?

The answer is simple: the central focus for the engineers at WP Engine is to optimize the hosting of your Wordpress website.

They host more than 200,000 domains for over 23,000 clients worldwide. The folks at WP Engine know what they are doing and are dedicated to providing the single best Wordpress hosting experience.

What that mean?

That means your website will be exceptionally fast and secure, will scale as you need it, and comes with exceptional support.

In fact, their tagline is: Quit Worrying and Let us Run Wordpress for You!

This leaves you free to create content knowing you won't have to worry about the under the hood elements of your site.

WP Engine Explained

A Look at WP Engine's Features: Speed

The simple thing to understand is the WP Engine handles all the geeky stuff for you. Their engineers have built a hosting platform specifically to make your website attractive to Google and insanely responsive for your visitors.


Did you know that Google says they lose 20% of their traffic for each additional 100 milliseconds it takes a page to load? Don't think responsiveness is an issue? Think again. The speed at which your website loads is critical. Google knows this and has page loading speed build into its algorithm. As a result, Google rewards those sites with faster loading times with higher rankings in their search results. Faster is, in fact, better.

Unfortunately, Wordpress can be slow, especially when you are fighting for resources with hundreds of other websites on some discount hosting platform.

WP Engine built its hosting platform with speed in mind. In fact, their EverCache technology is their "secret sauce" that makes using WP Engine the best choice for those looking for the best hosting option for their Wordpress website.

One ingredient in this secret sauce is their CDN. Without getting too complicated, all you need to really understand is that a CDN is a Content Delivery Network. The idea is that if you serve a website from a single server, the time it takes for a visitor to get data (your webpage) back from that server will depend, in part, on the distance he is from that server.

If your visitor is in New York, for instance, and your only server is in San Diego, it will take that visitor longer to retrieve data from your server than if your server was, say, in Boston, whereas if the visitor and server were both in Boston, the time would be even shorter. It is simple physics, right?

Well, a CDN minimizes this issue by serving a visitor your website from not one server, but from many. So the visitor from New York will not be served your web page from the San Diego server, but rather from the Boston server instead, making your website load faster for that individual visitor. Their CDN does this for each of your visitors, giving your website an advantage over your competitor...and Google likes this. Win for everyone.

WP Engine is the only Wordpress hosting company that includes a fully-managed CDN service.

In addition to their CDN, WP Engine does a lot of other geeky things for you to speed up your site, including optimizing your images and revising your Wordpress HTML.

Learn more about WP Engine's lightning speed at their website.

A Look at WP Engines Features: Security

As someone who runs multiple websites, I can tell you security is vital. You hear of the big stories when places like Target gets hacked, but what you may not know is that there are "bad guys" out there constantly looking for vulnerable websites.

What if your website is hacked? What if your site went down for an hour, a day, a week? What if you couldn't get it back? It happens.

Pat Flynn, a online business entrepreneur, tells the story of the time his website got hit with a Denial of Service (DoS) attack out of the blue. He was down from February 25 to March 3 and lost $12,000 of revenue, had to migrate his site, and faced lots of headaches as a result of the attack.

So what does the mean for you?

WP Engine is there for you. Right on the front page, they state: "We automatically scan for, and fix, hacking attempts to secure your site. Our guarantee: We’ll do everything we can to ensure your WordPress site won’t get hacked. And if your WordPress site still gets hacked, WP Engine hosting services will fix it…at no additional charge to you."

You can't really ask for more than that, but their concern for security does not stop there. In addition, WP Engine offers:

  • FREE, one-click backup and restore of your site.
  • automatic Wordpress security updates
  • curated plugins and themes to protect and optimize your experience

Check out more about WP Engine's security features on their website.

A Look at WP Engine's Features: Support

Their support is what sets WP Engine apart from their competitors. WP Engine offers first class support to all of their clients.

You will not have to battle with support monkeys reading from a script. You will not have to ask to be moved to a "higher level" of support.

If you need support, every support agent is a Wordpress expert. Let that sink in. There is no better support anywhere.

Don't believe me? How about this:

“I was very nervous about leaving GoDaddy when I transferred my site to WPEngine. But you guys have proven time and again, that I can count on, trust, and rely on you! I don’t miss GoDaddy because your customer service is just as, if not more superb than theirs -AND- your hosting is a million times better! Thanks again!”

– Kathy Burckhardt
Creative Services Manager/Consultant for

Pretty much says it all, but that is not all.

WP Engine also offers:

  • assistance moving your site
  • a "support garage" stuffed full of helpful articles
  • details on migrating
  • details on going live
  • common questions
  • featured plugins

In short, with WP Engine, you will never feel alone and lost. Their experts will be there to guide you.

That's why SoundCloud, the famous audio distribution platform, uses WP Engine.

What did Wordpress Hosting Reviews Say. About WP Engine? They use WP Engine for their own blog!

WP Engine Plans

Like to learn more to find out if WP Engine is the right choice for your site? Here are some links to check out:

What are the Plans?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Give WP Engine a spin. If within 60 days you are not fully satisfied, you can get a full refund.

" If you're not completely happy with our platform, you can cancel within 60 days and get a full refund"

If you pay for the annual plan, you can even Get 2 months FREE.


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