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Safety practices for operating Milling Machine

Updated on January 8, 2010


The following are the safety practices for operating milling machine.

  • Be sure to keep your fingers clear of the arbors bearing when setting the support arm in position.
  • Keep hands and arms away from revolving cutters. Never reach over a revolving arbor to make an adjustment.
  • Don’t check work or measure work while the cutter is revolving. Shut the machine off first.
  • Do not lift heavy machine attachments alone. The same applies to heavy pieces of work. Ask some one to help you, or use a crane.
  • Never permit another [person to start or stop the machine for you. Do it yourself some one to slip and fall.
  • Wear snugly fitting clothing. Loose garments, flapping ties, or long sleeves are easily caught in moving mach9inery.

Remember, “A moment’s thought may prevent hour of pain” you have eight fingers and two thumbs. Keep them.


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