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How to Download and Install Multiple Software Programs All At Once on Your PC

Updated on July 6, 2014

I used to hate the tedious task of rebuilding all my programs and applications when I had to do a fresh Windows install. I still hate it! But, I do not have to do it anymore. There are resources out there to make the task mostly automated without spending a dime.

Now the power four automated installers are Ninite, AllMyApps, Smart Installer Pack, and FreeApps. I can just select the software I want and click "install" just once.

It's a convenient resource for just a few programs or a ton. I have saved so much time restoring old computers and resetting my current Window's computers. We are talking hours of attention I can just focus on more productive tasks.

No more long nights clicking "next" and "install" and "no, I do not want to install XYZ toolbar" forever, over and over.

This hub will focus on the power five automated software install programs.

  • We will explore the primary features of each program
  • We will also look at some pretty pretty website screenshots

Ninite-My Favorite!

Click thumbnail to view full-size


Ninite is my favorite program to do the task of silently installing my Window's software.

Ninite is free to use, and it has an added perk that sets it apart from the others in this list. Ninite will not install those pesky toolbars that come bundled with some apps. They make a conscious effort to weed out that option, which means I do not have to go in after NInite to clean my machine up.

Other Positive Points:

  • 32-bit or 64-bit installs
  • Large collection of applications
  • Easily suggest applications for consideration
  • Includes possible silent install of Microsoft Office



AllMyApps has a good chance of competing for my top slot, currently held by Ninite. You have to set up a free account with AllMyApps, and the account usage model it does have its advantages. App stores have a similar account usage model.

Things I love about AllMyApps:

  • It remembers all my previously installed apps in my account -- One of the major perks of having to set up an account.
  • I can easily share app lists with family, friends, and clients. This is really handy in those "trying to help you over the phone" situations. 
  • Large large collection of freeware, opensource, trial, and pay-for commercial software
  • Tag cloud browsing of a large number of categories
  • Being an avid Ubuntu user as well as Windows, they have an Ubuntu version of their "store" as well. Yah, Linux! Thank you AllMyApps for being crossplatform!



FreeApps is another free service similar to Ninite and AllMyApps. It has the same "select your apps" and get the installer model. This is third on my list because there are a few downsides that set FreeApps apart from "the herd". 

  • It will install the occasional "included" toolbar, which at least, is indicated in the list by an *.
  • It includes a few apps that forbid unattended installation, which FreeApps indicates with #. I think this sort of defeats the purpose of a silent install service, but hey...

Smart Installer Pack


Smart Installer Pack

"Smart Installer Pack" is a "download then pick" style unlike the ones above where you pick then download an installer. If you have any experience with Linux and app respositories, then this will look very familiar. You will download the Smart Installer Pack, open it, and then you will go through the installed app checking off the software you want to install. The app will then communicate with the servers, download the apps, and install them for you.

The positive behind of this sort of repository software install model is that the app knows what you have installed and what you have not and you will not have to go back through a web menu check list to download a separate installer each time for each separate "need to install incident. You can just open this app on the desktop and get going right away.

  • It features the big players like Java, Open Office, and Adobe poducts.
  • It has a pretty interface.

Do Not Work Harder -- Work Smarter

I strongly encourage you to try these services out. I have been so thankful for them, and I have saved so much valuable time using them. 

Restoring or resetting a computer can be stressful enough without having to reinstall all the nitty gritty software titles by hand. Just do not do it!

Work Smarter!


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    • profile image

      soulsaviour 6 years ago

      thanks for the information, keep it going.

    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 7 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Cool never knew about this and i have actually tried it now. Thanks for a nice hub.

    • SteveoMc profile image

      SteveoMc 7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Great informative hub, will be trying some of these out.