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Secret Tips To Liven Your Blog & Make Your Readers To Comment Frequently

Updated on October 6, 2015

Why You Need Readers' Comments On Your Blog

Nothing makes a blog more lively like readers' comments. Comments also motivate the blog owner to put in more effort, as it gives room for the blog owner to know how his or her audience feels about his blog posts.

Another noteworthy benefit of readers' comments to a blog is the fact that it helps to sell the blog to potential advertisers. Not all advertisers will pay to advertise their product or service on a blog with no feedback comment from the readers, it shows that the blog readers aren't feeling the blog topics, reason they aren't compelled to drop a comment.

In fact, the benefits of readers comments to a blog can never be over emphasized, and reason why I put together this write-up to help both newbie and professional bloggers make their blog more interactive to attract readers to drop comments.

Product Reviews: a good product review post on your blog can turn your blog around from cold blog to a gossip center for readers.

Make a simple but interesting review about a latest trending product in your blogging niche, and watch your readers pour in their comments.

Remember, some of the comments maybe negative, which will come from readers who share a different notion about the product you are reviewing, but never mind, your goal is to get your readers talking anyway, lol.

Practical Ways To Get Your Blog Readers Commenting

1. Make a Solution Post:
Fortunately or unfortunately, most bloggers today are so bent on making money to the extent that they end up forgetting to add value to their audience.

Remember, people are going about with too many life problems on daily basis, and they are desperately searching for solutions to these problems, and with the advent of internet, search engine has now become the solution center for global users.

This is one sure way to get your blog readers talking without you begging for their comment like some bloggers do.

Imagine you made a blog post on: how to cure urinary infection, and a blog reader with urinary infection disease comes across this your blog post, do you think he will finish reading your post without stopping by to ask a question or share his ordeal? Definitely, he will be compelled to comment.

So before you make your next blog post, sit down and think about people's daily life challenges and find a way to write something detailed that will help them solve these challenges, but make sure its also within your blog niche to avoid looking unfocused.

2. Make a Personal Opinion Post on Trending Topic:

We are in a fast world now where everyone wants to know and talk about the latest celebrity in town, cars, gadgets, etc, so you can catch in on this and get your silent readers talking.

You can use Twitter trending topic feature to find out what's trending online, and then air your view via your blog to get your silent readers talking.

Another way to discover what's trending is via Facebook or some popular general forum where people gather to discuss life issues.

3. Reward your readers:

All humans love freebie, including the rich, lol.

Why do you think politicians don't want to leave that political office they are holding? Its partly because of the free life they are enjoying at the expense of taxpayers' sweat.

Hosting a giveaway on your blog could go along way in getting your readers to comment and even boost your blog traffic.

4. Host a contest:
Running a contest on your blog is another proven way of getting your readers to talk, it also helps you reach new audience and thereby increasing your blog traffic, so give it a try.

5. Start a Short Story Series:

If you are gifted in fiction writing, you can use this tactics to lure your passive readers into active blog readers rushing in and out to comment.

The rule is; make sure the story is catchy, short and filled with suspense to get them demanding for more. Actually, I have used this in the past to get my silent blog followers talking.

6. Make a Recipe Post:

Majority of humans love food, good food I mean lol. You can take advantage of this to get your silent blog readers talking.

Make sure the recipe is unique and at the same time tempting. If you can, get clear pictures and videos if need be.

7. Celebrate a reader:

Do you have a strong relationship with some of your loyal readers? If you don't at the moment, find a way to establish one, then ask one of your favourite blog readers for a free interview, and post his or her responses on your blog for other readers to see.

If possible, get their pictures to spice up the interview.

8. Talk About Your Life Challenges:

Do you know that you are a great mentor to some of your blog readers? If you don't know this before now, know it now that you are an inspiration to some of your readers, so making out time to post about some of your daily life challenges and how you go about overcoming them can motivate your readers into sharing their own life challenges? Give it a try and see. But please be honest when writing on this topic so as to make it inspirational and real.

I will be dropping my pen here for today, see you guys again some other time.

Please don't read and pass, stop by and share your personal experience and opinion; negative or positive, it will motivate me to put in more effort, cheers!

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