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Seven annoying things you may be doing at Facebook right now- don't update your status all the time people!

Updated on August 9, 2012

Almost everyone has facebook these days, and they are doing things that are unnecessary and annoying. Here are seven things that you're probably doing and annoying everyone on your friendlist in the process.

1. Game or App Requests- Almost everyone has received dozens of requests from dozens of friends. Just because you like a game or app doesn't necessarily mean your friends will like it too. If they want to check out an app, they'll do it themselves, you do not need to send them requests. Almost every app asks you to invite friends, but most of them will let you use it anyway. So why bother others?

Exception- Some games let you send free lives or boosts to friends who are already playing the game. That gesture is not annoying, and it is a great way to get lives and boosts from your friends in return.

2. Tagging everyone- Just because Facebook lets you tag people in the photos doesn't mean you'll tag every one of your friends in every single photo you post. These days, people post a photo wishing a "Happy New Year", "Happy Holiday", etc. and tag all their friends in it. This is not the proper way to wish anyone. There are even websites that contain a variety of photos where you can tag your friends. It gets annoying after a while, when people see notifications pop up about you tagging them in pictures that have nothing to do with them. You'll notice that eventually most of them will stop liking, commenting on or even viewing these photos.

Exception- It's ok to tag the people who are present in the photo, no matter how many such photos you are tagging them in. Sometimes it's ok to tag people in random photos too, just don't do it often.

3. Liking and commenting on everybody's status all the time- Everyone is posting status to share what they are doing or how they are feeling or what they are thinking to get likes and comments. But if you keep commenting and liking everything that everyone posts, after a while, it loses its meaning and gets annoying. It's like saying "Hi, how are you?" to everyone in the party repeatedly.

4. Your status updates- There are so many ways to annoy people with your status updates.

  • While Facebook is for sharing, if you keep updating your status all the time, people may miss out other people's updates on their timeline.
  • Posting sappy cliched dialog about life or love, or trying to be funny and posting jokes all the time can get annoying after a while. Ideally, your status updates should be a mix of many things, so that it doesn't get boring, and you don't look like an annoying Mary Sue.
  • Being a attention seeking drama queen and ranting about your life all the time can make people feel irritated about you. Keep a journal for the purpose, or talk to your friends.
  • Posting the same status update every day or every few hours can be annoying too. Example- "Good morning", "Good night", "Is anyone online?", etc.

5. Relationship drama- Relationship drama can mainly be of two types:

  • Facebook has taken PDA to a whole new level, with couples flirting openly, being playful and possessive, posting things publicly that should otherwise be private, ignoring the fact that their families and friends can see it, liking and commenting on every single update of their partner.
  • There's also ranting about the ex, or his/her new squeeze, or flaunting your new flame, or just saying how unhappy you are.

After a while, all of these annoys people, specially the singles and the elders.

6. Posting too many of your photos- There probably isn't a better way to appear narcissistic to people than to post your own photos all the time. Some people even Photoshop it, add borders, clip-arts, etc, to make it look better. While many will go overboard to compliment you on how pretty you are, many will also roll their eyes and think of you as self-absorbed. So post your photos, create your albums, share photos from events, but not all the time.

7. Sharing or liking your own status- When you update your status, people can see it anyway, you don't need to share it! And liking your status will again glorify your self-obsession to others. It's ok once in a while, but don't make it a habit.


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    • sammieham0317 profile image

      sammieham0317 5 years ago from East Providence

      You should write the 'To Guide Idiots on Using Facebook'! I swear if a few people on my friend's list would read this, I wouldn't seriously contemplate removing them!! Awesome hub

    • comicalequation profile image

      comicalequation 5 years ago

      @mperrottet Thank you :)

    • mperrottet profile image

      Margaret Perrottet 5 years ago from Pennsauken, NJ

      You are right on target! Rated Up and Useful!

    • comicalequation profile image

      comicalequation 5 years ago

      @Hamlet FE thanks :)

    • Hamlet FE profile image

      Hamlet FE 5 years ago

      Very useful Tips

    • comicalequation profile image

      comicalequation 5 years ago

      @Ebower Thanks :)

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 5 years ago from Georgia

      These are great tips for facebook users today. I rated this as useful.