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Simple steps to create a really popular Blog

Updated on December 2, 2012

It’s not really rocket science to craft and publish posts on your Blog site that makes it really popular with the site visitors. All it takes is a bit of time ( perhaps six months ) and diligent, well thought through posts.

HERE ARE several simple steps to follow which can help make your Blog really popular.

High Quality Content
Ensure that your Blog post, content adds value in some way or the other to the reader. The greater the value add, the more popular your Blog will be. The readers of your posts will drive their friends to get to your Blog. Nothing succeeds like third party recommendations of your Blog content. The greater the inward traffic the more search engines like Google will love your site. Deliver high quality content, take reader feedback seriously, engage your readers via the Blog’s comment section.

Make the Blog Titles Arresting
The title of a Blog should be like a whiff of expensive perfume which stops you dead in your tracks.

The first thing that your site visitors notice is the Blog post title. Make the titles arresting, provocative ( but not a turn off ) something that makes a site visitor say – I’ve just got to read this.

For some great examples take a look at your newspaper, read the headlines above the printed content. Notice how the head line was structured that just made you want to read the article below.

Invite guest posts
Do invite others to post on your Blog. There is nothing like offering different points of view to your Blog site visitor. Ensure that guest Blog posts are from trusted people. Definitely moderate the guest Blog post when necessary. Guest Blog posts are a great way to get inbound and outbound, good quality links for your Blog site. This helps bring in additional traffic almost for free.

Consistently ( tirelessly ) work at driving traffic to your Blog site
Always promote your Blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Blend in and use keywords that are popular but not too competitive in your Blog post content and as tags. This really does bring in the traffic from search engines.

Ensure that you guest blog on other Blog sites
If you guest post on other ( popular ) Blog sites which publish posts that are within you domain specialization then you will get a fair amount of traffic from these sites visiting your Blog site for more information. Definitely comment on popular blogs that have Blog posts that are from your niche. Your comments will add to your credibility and drive traffic to your Blog site.

Get your Blog site listed
Get your blog listed on and Technorati. These are two very popular blog aggregation sites. Having your Blog site listed there definitely drives traffic to your Blog site as well as adding credibility. Keep reading stuff that motivates you, stay inspired, stay consistent, deliver quality.

You will have a Blog site that is really popular almost before you know it, yourself.

Ivan Bayross
Open Source Training and Software Tutorials


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    • The Invincible profile image

      Hitesh Bubbar 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Yes, I agree with these tips. And I wanna thank you sharing such a piece with us..