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Why Are Some Phones Called Smartphones?

Updated on May 26, 2015

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Why bother to carry around a cell phone and a PDA separately, when you can simply purchase an all-in-one device? If it's necessary for you to have an organizer, an e-mail device, a cell phone, or all the above at your convenience when traveling, at your office or away from the office or home, a smartphone is the perfect solution.

Smartphones have been over the news for quite some time. Chances are you know what they are, but know them under a different name. You might have probably asked the question, why are they called smartphones? The answer to this is simple, and to the point: Smartphones are mobile phones with computer-like capabilities.

Packed with Internet access, e-mail capabilities, address books, and a whole lot more, you are able to use these phones to send messages just as easily and quickly as a desktop or laptop computer. The fact that practically all email service providers are supported, you have the convenience of managing your messages from just about anywhere you are.

With a smartphone, you will be able to have access to social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and so on. The fact that you are able to access these sites on a small handheld device that you can always carry around with you, makes these services even more useful.

Cell phones have certainly evolved since their first debut, but be careful not to confuse these newest toys with sandbox devices. Sandbox devices are tools that come pre-loaded with things like calendars, calculators, and a notepad. However, what really differentiate smartphones from them is the fact that users can add additional programs to smartphones and they seemingly become mini portable computers for the people who use them. That along with ability to edit the content that is loaded on them is what makes these phones "smart."

Mobile applications - or "APPS" are no way different from the applications you use on a desktop or laptop computer, and they're the reason the best smartphones are so powerful. Apps can convert a smartphone into a powerful handheld handheld games console, an e-book, reader, video player, sat-nav device and much more -- and the number of applications that you can use is only limited by the storage capacity of the smartphone. In other words, the more storage capacity you have on your phone, the more applications you can download and install.

You are able to download Smartphone 'apps' from the internet, using the smartphone itself, or you can download and save them on a computer for later installation via synchronization. Be aware that there's a mixture of free and paid-for apps available for all smartphone operating systems. However, it's important to note that apps designed for one smartphone will not work on another.

Some of the more popular brand names include the BlackBerry, PalmSource, Nokia, Apple iphone, Android, and Windows CE. Yet the craze is extending to even some off-brand company names. Today, you will rarely find a cell phone that doesn't offer some sort of "smart" technology because it's in such a high demand. The convenience of having information at our immediate access is phenomenal - so much so that thousands of programmers have jumped on the opportunity to build unique applications specific to these small machines.


Currently, a significant number of people are using smartphones to browse the internet as oppose to computer-- and the number keeps rising. However, the price of a smartphone can be very expensive and it's therefore, up to the individual to choose one he/she can afford to buy. If it's a case where the price is factored into a plan, again it is up to the person buying the plan to choose that plan that comes with the applications and access to services that are of paramount importance to them.


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    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      Hi Nikki D,Honestly, I do have a phone with a few applications,but have never used most of them. I bought a GPS and I still use by laptop to do most of my online search. I guess we are both so stuck into doing things the old way!lol

    • Nikki D. Felder profile image

      Nikki D. Felder 6 years ago from Castle Hayne, N.C.

      I'm smart, but I don't own a smart phone. My enjoyment is piece meal. I search at the wireless laptop, use an MP3, call on the phone which doesn't even have one game app, and don't yet even own a GPS. Bliss is a blast! Thank you, Nikki D. Felder

      I enjoyed this read.

    • profile image

      Mackyi 6 years ago

      Hi Okdokie,thanks for your feedback. You have raised an important point when you say that people are paying big bucks for cell phones! Personally, I will not purchase an expensive phone just to look cool when I have other important needs to take care of. I also believe no one should purchase an expensive phone just to look cool. However, if they have the resources to do so then it's all up to them.

    • profile image

      okdokie 6 years ago

      I think there great products but zombie nation is addicted to using these smart phones. They are more suited to buisness oriented people. People are paying big pucks to try and look cool its the next fashion accesory.