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Snap-Chat won Best Mobile Phone (Smart-Phone) Application Award, 2013 and Fastest Rising Startup Award, 2012.

Updated on February 26, 2014


When a person hears the word snap-chat the following questions suddenly arises in his mind.

What is snap-chat?

Who invented it?

Whey snap-chat is invented?

How it work and similar questions like that.

Here we are trying to discuss all questions listed above and related questions.


Snap-chat is a chatting software developed for smart phones just like ipad, iphone and android devices. This application is developed in the year 2011 by two students of StanfordUniversity. This technology lets the users to express their feelings by sending photographs and text messages.

Downloading and Installing Snap-Chat From Smart-Phone

For downloading snap-chat, first of all open the apps store or application store of your smart-phone, search/locate snap-chat application and then download/install it for your smart-phone, as shown in picture.

Using Snap-Chat Application

Use of snap-chat is very easy. After successful download/installation of snap-chat application from application store user follow a simple registration process and sets a security password. Then user can access his snap-chat account from the available icon of application from his cell phone, as shown in the following picture.


Creating a Contact List in Snap-Chat

After successful registration/creation of username and password user can create contact list of his friend and family members. Now user is ready to communicate with friends and family members/contact list. Following picture shows a contact list of snap-chat account.

Snap-Chat Contact List

Snap-Chat Communication Mechanism --- Sending a Photograph

To send photographs first of all load or run the application from your smart-phone, login by using security password. Now you can take a photo or locate a picture from your smart-phone to be uploaded in snap-chat application, set a timer from 1 to 10 second and send it to your friend. After successful delivery of photo receiver has the time frame mentioned above to see the photo. After that the communication expires i.e. message will be self-destructed. However if receiver has not respond quickly to the senders communication then it will loss the communication as it destructs after specified time.

The whole communication done by using snap-chat application will expire after a time interval. As user have the option to set a timeframe for said deletion of communication, which reduces the problem of tracing privacy, as in other applications/live media sites the whole communication remains in devices/applications/sites which can be traced/checked/seen. It means that the whole communication can be said as time limited communication and expired after some predefined time interval. This reduces fear of being undressed over whole world.

Following picture shows time interval setting for a communication in snap-chat application.

Snap-Chat Communication Destruction Time Limit

Privacy Concerns in Snap-Chat

Some organizations, software and hardware development companies have concerns over privacy and security related issues. As in recent past some news of privacy theft/hacking of snap-chat application were circulating on media. But developers of snap-chat are working hard to make the application more reliable, secure and user friendly.

Parents have their own concerns as they are unable to monitor their child what and to whom they are communicating. Because the whole communication disappears after specified time interval and users are unable to trace them.

Some Wondering Achievements by Snap-Chat

Snap-chat has been introduced in the year 2011 and in very short span of time become famous all around in the world. It took impressive purchases and followed by conventional users. In a survey report snap-chat is sending 400 million messages per day.

Following picture shows rank history of snap-chat application which is very impressive.

Rank History of Snap-Chat

Snap-Chat Won Fastest Rising Startup Award, 2012

In the year 2012 i.e. after one year of its introduction, snap-chat won fastest rising startup award, 2012 by lefting behind all other famous applications.

In following picture snap-chat is nominated for crunchies fastest rising startup award.

Snap-Chat Fastest Rising Startup Award Ceremony

Snap-Chat Won Best Mobile Phone (Smart-Phone) Application Award, 2013

In Crunchies Awards for the year 2013 snap-chat stands winner of best mobile application award, 2013. All other applications allowing picture and photo chat or communication are beaten by snap-chat. Snap-chat left behind applications like whatsapp, VSCO Cam, Mailbox and Tinder etc.

Google maps was last year best application award winner. Which left behind by snap-chat. Even it left behind some famous facebook applications.

Best Mobile Phone (Smart-Phone) Application Award, 2013 Ceremony

Latest News Team Snap-Chat --- Group Communication

This is very excited and latest news that snap-chat developers are introducing team snap-chat. By using this service more than two user can communicate with each other simultaneously. Group conversation is very important in this world of technology and this step will make snap-chat famous.

Snap-Chat developers are constantly working hard to introduce new and exciting concepts for their valued users.

Following video shows how team snap-chat looks like and works.


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  • joedolphin88 profile image


    4 years ago from north miami FL

    Wow all that Smartphone data is informative. I've written an article about a very under the radar smartphone company called CellAllure I'd love an opinion on it. Awesome article touching everything smartphone by the way


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