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Snapguide (iPhone app)

Updated on April 25, 2012


Snapguide is a free iOS app and webservice designed specifically for the Apple iPhone. It allows users to create and share unique and creative step-by-step “how-to guides” with friends and the Snapguide community. Snapguide is the first iOS application with built-in Pinterest integration, which is significant given Pinterest’s rapidly growing popularity.

Virtually any “how to” topic can be the inspiration for a Snapguide. Users “snap” pictures of their projects, add text via captions, and publish the guide to the Snapguide community at large. The Snapguide homepage offers several examples of user’s Snapguides, and the range of topics is oddly both surprising and intuitive. "How to make beeswax skin salve", "How to make shrimp ceviche", "How to make a felted bead bracelet", and "How to change your tires" all make an appearance and are illustrative of the types of guides published on Snapguide. The community itself is filled with a wide variety of topics, most notably recipes, arts and crafts, building projects, fashion tips, and repairs.

Snapguide has garnered significant attention due to its inegration with Pinterest and subsequent accolades in such popular media outlets as Adweek, CNET, and PCWorld. It was listed as the "App of the Week" in March 2012 by, and it was mentioned as being a part of the “next wave” of creativity tool apps via GigaOm’s The Apple Blog.

How-to guides have been a staple of the internet for a number of years, and they have recently made a significant resurgence on Youtube. While Snapguide’s simplicity and ease-of-use are both driving factors in its popularity, its integration with Pinterest seems most likely to cement its leading position in the burgeoning social media “how-to” niche market. It’s a fun, innovative product that’s easy to use and fun to share.


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