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Solar Power Systems For Homes

Updated on June 13, 2010

Your solar power system is effective and has produced more solar power than required for your needs. What to do with the extra power?

You may be able to sell your extra electric power to the major power company in your area and receive payment in return.

Sell Your Solar Power Systems Excces Electric

As an independent power company, you may be able to connect to the major utility power grid and through net metering of your solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity. This single reverse meter operates an annual or monthly schedule. As your PV electricity is generated, your daily needs for electricity are met, such as lights and heating.

Whatever kilowatts are not used for your household needs will be fed into the utility grid causing the net meter to move backward. At the end of the cycle period, the power company will credit you with the value of the kilowatts you fed into the utility grid and you will be paid for these kilowatts.

Solar Power for Homes

 The Federal Government requires that major utility companies allow you to connect to the grid and supply them with excess electricity. Although the upfront costs of a solar power system can be expensive, monies generated by selling the extra electricity will help pay for the cost of the solar system.


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      indianist 5 years ago

      I want Solarpower Systems, How many solar panels i need for my full house continig 5 tube light, 10 clf, 6 fan, 2 AC, 1 motor and other house use materials