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Somebody Please Tell Me What Are Unlocked Phones

Updated on July 4, 2009

Have you been out of the loop for a little bit? Ever wonder what everyone is talking about when they say something about unlocked phones? Well, you no longer have to say to yourself, “That’s over my head.” In a nutshell, unlocked phones are phones that have been locked by a network operator for the sole purpose of keeping you as a customer.

Like everyone else who have owned a cell phone–before these new unlocked phones surfaced–you, too, probably got stuck with a phone or favored a phone you bought through Sprint’s service after you no longer wanted their service. Wow and what a waste of money! Now you feel forced to go buy a whole new phone just to get a better service with AT&T or stick with the same old carrier. How absurd! Could they at least give back half of what was paid to them for the phone? Geez. Of course not! This is their way of punishing you for leaving them.

Go ahead and try asking them anyway. And when they say no, tell them, “That’s alright I’ll just get an unlocked phone.” No, don’t do that. But that’s what you can do from that moment on. Buy an unlocked phone that you just love. Then you will be free to use any carrier you like without having to fork out more money just to use Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and so on.

Again, how is this possible? Unlocked phones are made to recognize any carrier’s SIM card. So, not only will you be able to pick your unlocked phone from literally hundreds and hundreds out there on the market, but your selection of carriers will no longer be limited to just one.

Another option would be to search the engines on how to unlock the phone you have. This way you would not have to purchase another phone at all. That is if you are satisfied with your current phone, lack the funds, or just don’t want to spend time browsing the huge inventory of unlocked phones. I know, it can get overwhelming. Nevertheless, freedom of choice is a nice option.


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