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Sony Computer Speakers

Updated on June 22, 2010

Sony Computer Speakers

Basically, people say some nice things about Sony computer speakers. They like the bass, the overall sound quality, they like that they tend to be compact in size, and just the overall quality of the shell.

Sony has come out with a variety of bright and witty speakers for the computer, such as the pink barbie-doll speakers (pictured above) and the tiny DAV-IS50 speakers that fit right in your hand. The tiny speakers are actually quite powerful in their sound.

OK, the question you've all wanted to discuss with somebody, but were too embarrassed. External or internal? This is the question on everybody's mind when they are shopping for computer speakers. The thing with internal, built-in speakers is that they are crappy. Humans haven't been able to really create a nice sound experience on the laptop without resorting to external speakers. Now they have devised all sorts of nifty ways to consume music on external speakers easily, such as through wireless or usb plugable speakers. You just need the external devices. Okay?

To find the speakers that is right for you, you will need to shop around. Go to the stores and listen to the different brands. Bose makes a nice set of speakers. You can listen to the Bose car speakers for the bass or the pure sound quality for instance. Or navigate to my hub on Bose speakers to get the scoop. The Sony computer speakers are nice for overall quality and the price is middle range. And of course Sony has the best selection too.


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