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Sony Dash Internet Entertainment Device under $200

Updated on January 15, 2011

The Sony Dash is a unique Internet connected personal entertainment electronic device that may typically be found in the bedroom but can absolutely be used in any room of the house. More than 1000 Apps, similar to those found on Smartphones (typical on iPhone or Android phones) populate the Sony Dash and provide you with real-time information and entertainment via your wireless home network. Customization is simple with the ease of a 7 inch (diagonal) color touchscreen that makes it easy to interact with the Sony Dash. You can choose to wake up with the built-in alarm but you may prefer music from your own personal MP3 playlist, from songs broadcast from thousands of radio stations around the world as well as favorite music videos or news feeds. You can check AccuWeather to get a heads-up on what to expect outside your front door and Naveq to check the traffic conditions between home and the office. A lot can happen while you sleep so catching up on your Facebook Friends is also very important.

Chumby Industries has developed an enormous network of apps that the Sony Dash utilizes but there are numerous other content sources as well. For example, the Cozi App will keep the family calendars synced and Sony will provide movie trailers as well as music videos. The Sony Dash evolves continuously by adding new content. New Apps will be available as time goes by and can be added to the Sony Dash via a PC or directly over the Internet.


The Sony Dash does not take up a lot of room regardless of where you use it. The 7 inch color touchscreen is surrounded by a uniquely designed black case. It is shaped more like an elongated triangle instead of an ordinary square box. The angled sides allow you to set it upright or in a more laid-back orientation. The built-in accelerometer senses the change in orientation and reacts accordingly by flipping the content on the screen. Stereo speakers spread the sound around the room or if you prefer headphones can be used for more private enjoyment. Connecting to other electronic devices to receive new content is accomplished by the built-in USB connection.

Using the Sony Dash in various rooms is accommodated by channels. Each channel can have a specific name and the content can be geared to it. A kitchen channel may include cooking videos, recipes or even a movie from NetFlix. A living room channel may include movie trailers, games, weather and traffic. The bedroom channel may include weather, Facebook, music and alarm functions. The choices are nearly endless – remember there are over 1000 Apps available for the Sony Dash.



The Sony Dash is different than any other Internet device. I realize that can be said about many of the devices available if many different forms. Even if you own a laptop, an iPad, an Android Tablet, an iPhone or other smart phone you may feel that you need something just a little different and more convenient. I find that booting up my laptop or pulling my iPad out of my bag can be just enough hassle to keep me from using them in the moment. The Sony Dash is always there in front of you. It is ready and waiting for you spend the next half minute to check the weather. It can display your favorite photo one minute and play a YouTube video the next. If the family needs to make a decision about which movie to go see – gather them around and watch a movie trailer or two. At $199 the Sony Dash is less expensive than many other Internet connected devices. To some it may be the most expensive alarm clock ever while to others it may be that handy dandy little device that finds its way into every room in the house.


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