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Sony Xperia Tipo vs Samsung Galaxy Ace

Updated on July 16, 2014


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Sony Xperia Tipo: The Sony Xperia Tipo comes in two varieties the Sony Tipo and the Sony Tipo Dual..

The one that I am comparing is the Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i, which is a single SIM Android Smartphone..

Samsung Galaxy Ace: The Samsung Galaxy Ace also comes in two varieties the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Ace Duos..

The one that I am comparing is the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, which is a single SIM Android Smartphone..

Both the phones are single SIM GSM smartphones..

Samsung Galaxy Ace

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Physical Features

Shape: Both the phones (Sony Tipo and Galaxy Ace) are in the shape of a bar..Though the design of the Tipo has a little more elegance to it..

The Galaxy Ace has the screen in the front, a side panel and a back panel.. whereas the Xperia Tipo has just the screen in the front and a back panel that covers the sides of the phone as well..

Screen: Both have a Capacitive and TFT Touchscreen that is extremely smooth to use..

The Galaxy Ace has a slightly bigger screen at 3.5 inches, where the Xperia Tipo is at 3.2 inches..

Now 2 centimeters don't really make much of a difference since screen size is measured diagonally, so if you place both the phones screens touching each other, it's jus a few millimeters of a differnce..

Resolution: Both the phones have the same resolution, that is HVGA 320x480 Pixels, which gives absolutely crystal clear viewing..

Dimensions: The Galaxy Ace is 59.9 x 112.4 x 11.5 mm and the Xperia Tipo is at 57x 103 x 13 mm

Weight: The Galaxy Ace is a little on the heavier side with a weight of 113 grams as compared to the Xperia Tipo of just 99.4 grams..

Sony Xperia Tipo

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Both the phone possess only a primary camera and no secondary camera..

Primary Camera: The Xperia Tipo comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera whereas the Galaxy Ace comes with a 5 megapixel camera which comes handy for taking wide angle pictures..

Flash: The Galaxy Ace has a bright LED flash whereas on the Xperia Tipo on the disappointing downside doesn't possess a flash which makes night photography where there is no visible lighting a nightmare..

And no flash also means no torch...

Video Recording: The Galaxy Ace has a video recording resolution of 320x 240 at 15 frames per second, whereas on the plus side to the Xperia Tipo, it has a resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second, which means better clarity and the increase in frames per second means a smooth running video..

The micro phone of the Xperia Tipo is also able to pick up crystal and perfectly clear, good quality sounds..


Both the phones possess a accelerometer and proximity senors, the Xperia Tipo has not one but two proximity sensors placed at the top of the phone..


Both come with the Android Browser pre installed, though the Xperia Tipo has the ICS browser which I feel is way better than the one in the Galaxy Ace..

Both have GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA...

Wifi ( connectivity is instantaneous in the Xperia Tipo, though the Galaxy Ace gives a problem sometimes, rooting helps solves this).

Bluetooth ( version 2.1 in the Xperia Tipo and v3 in the Galaxy Ace, though it really doesn't make much of a difference).

Wifi tethering (that is Wifi hotspot and USB hotspot) where you can share you internet connection with others by using your phone as a modem.

And last but not least both have 3.5 mm audio jacks..

Memory, Storage And Processor

It all comes down to the memory (RAM), storage (Internal and External) and the processor and declaring how smooth and perfectly the phone will run in the short and long term..

More RAM and a faster processor means a smoother and faster running phone with less to no lagging and good gaming as well..

Storage means more apps and data can be stored in your phone without getting annoying messages popping up all the time saying to delete and free up space..

RAM: The Xperia Tipo comes with a 512 mb RAM that is more than enough to run games like Temple Run smoothly without any lagging, where as the Galaxy Ace has just about 278 mb of RAM on which most of the games don't work at all and you won't be able to even download most games and apps on your phone due to incompatibility..

Internal Storage: The Xperia Tipo comes with a built in storage of 2.5 gb! 2.5 gb is more than sufficient when it comes to installing apps, contacts, SMS's, E-mail and any other data like images, videos and even your music.. The Galaxy Ace on the other hand comes with just 178 mb of internal storage on which you can install hardly any apps at all... Now, you can solve this problem if your phone is rooted by partitioning your SD card... click here to see how you can do it..

External Storage: Both phones have extendable storage that is using a memory card.. The maximum you can extend your storage is by using a 32 gb memory card...

Processor: Both have 800 Mhz processors, the Xperia Tipo has a Qualcomm Scorpion Processor where as the Galaxy Ace has an ARM11 Processor.. The Xperia Tipo has a better quality chipset and hence even though it has just a 800 Mhz processor, it runs as smooth as ever..


At 1350 mAh, the Samsung Galaxy Ace s 5830 never makes it throughout an entire day...

Mine used to last for a maximum of 6 hours or so using just the basic funstions..

The Sony Xperia Tipo on the other hand comes packed with an amzing 1500 mAh battery that's lasts for an entire day on a single charge easily even with using the Wifi for three- fourths of the day...

Galaxy Ace vs Xperia Tipo

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Additional Features

Sound: The Sony Xperia Tipo comes with a xLOUD audio filter technology that increases the volume of music when played through the external speaker... Increasing the volume doesn't lead to jarring and the quality of sound still remains perfect..

The Galaxy Ace comes with DNSe sound enhancement, but the loudspeaker is really soft compared to other phones...

Android Version: The Galaxy Ace comes originally with Android Froyo that is Android 2.1, the final update released by Samsung is Gingerbread that is Android 2.3.5 and no further updates will be released... You can update to Jellybean though, by using custom ROM's, but this will lead to your warranty being void...

The Xperia Tipo comes straight out of the box with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) that is Android 4.0.1 and Sony might, just might release a Jellybean update soon..


I have written this comparison through a personal experience as I have both the phones..

Except for the camera...the Sony Xperia Tipo beats the Samsung Galaxy Ace any day any time...

The Xperia Tipo has a better battery life, chipset, RAM and internal points in all the right places...


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