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Starpad Tablet Review

Updated on January 30, 2014

This is a review of the Starpad Tablet. I decided to write a review as I purchased it from Ebay without knowing what to expect. I bought the 7 inch display. Starpad tablets also come in a 9 inch and 10 inch display as well. Buying the Starpad brand turned out to be a very smart decision. If you are on the fence and not sure of the quality or performance, let me put your mind at ease. The Starpad tablet is an ultra low-cost tablet that performs extremely well as compared to more expensive tablets.

Why I chose the Starpad Tablet

Powered by Google Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), it has all the cool modern features and is compatible with nearly all the Apps in the Google Play Store.

I have found the touch and performance of this tablet to be very responsive. Again, I purchased the 7 inch screen. It is also available in 9 and 10 inch screens as well. My only regret may be that I did not get a larger screen.

It is a very reasonably priced tablet packed full of performance. I actually purchased six of the Starpad tablets, one for myself and five tablets for my employees. I chose to also buy the compatible case and keyboard. All in all, it was money well spent.

My employees and I absolutely love this little tablet.

As far as the Specs, they are listed on the auction pages.

The keyboard increased the tablet productivity

This gives my employees and I the benefit of being able to quickly type documents and emails as we would normally do with a laptop and still have all the conveniences of a tablet. It handles emails, documents and spreadsheets. It handles streaming video and multimedia such as games with ease.

Final Thoughts

The Starpad name is synonymous with quality and performance. After having purchased multiple Starpads within the last few months we have had zero issues. This is a great tablet worth every penny.


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