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10 Stupid, Yet Entertaining Youtube Videos

Updated on April 3, 2017

Hours Of Entertainment

All of us have gotten lost on youtube at one point in time. Because anyone can upload videos onto youtube, it's sometimes filled with the funniest stuff ever. Some of the videos are so stupid or random, you're not even sure why you like them, but you can't stop watching them anyway.

Here is a list of ten stupid, yet entertaining youtube videos, with bonus videos or links to more content listed after each one.

#1: Dog Of Wisdom

This is a video I just saw the past week. I love dogs, but it still doesn't make sense why I love this video. I think I just like the weird sounds the dogs make in this video, even though they are nothing like dogs in real life. I keep getting the song the dogs sing at the end of it stuck in my head and having to re-watch it later.

BONUS VIDEO: Making Of Dog Of Wisdom

If your favorite part of the video above was the part where the dogs were singing (that was my favorite part), then you will love this video as well.

#2: Pickle Surprise

I saw this video a long time ago. It doesn't make a lot of sense. I guess it's supposed to be an old commercial. Either way, it's colorful, entertaining, and random enough to grasp my attention and convince me to watch it over and over again. It also has enough innuendo in it to add to the entertainment.

BONUS VIDEO: Strawberry Shortcut

This video is made by the same guy who created "Pickle Surprise." It's tamer than "Pickle Surprise", but if you enjoyed the first video, you'll probably enjoy this one.

#3: Baman Piderman

These videos were made to mock Batman and Spiderman, but they are so ridiculous and random that they don't make a lot of sense. I don't even know what caused me to watch these videos in the first place.

It might surprise you to know that they made a whole series of Baman and Piderman. I included the link to them below the video if you want to watch more.

#4: Meow

One of my favorite youtubers of all time is Markiplier. Usually, he posts clips of him playing video games, so this was very different from the norm.

He took some videos he found online of cats and edited his mouth saying ridiculous things that cats might say onto the clips. The result was highly entertaining.


The first video with the cats was so popular that he wound up creating a second video. It's the exact same thing,but with dogs instead.

#5. Howtobasic

Howtobasic is a channel on youtube where they make videos mocking "how to" clips you find online. I remember watching this the first time and thinking,"Wow, this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen." And then watching five more howtobasic videos immediately afterwards.

It's addicting and disturbing. I always feel like throwing up during some part of the video and I always wonder who cleans up the mess afterwards.

BONUS VIDEO: How To Make a Rainbow Cake

This is another howtobasic video. Most of their videos are in this format. The Kinder Surprise video is different than the majority of them.

#6 Charlie The Unicorn

Charlie, the unicorn, is the only normal creature in a world of other unicorns and strange things who are bent on annoying him in some way.

This video won't have a bonus video because it has the entire "Charlie The Unicorn" series (all four clips) included in one place.

#7 Banana Phone

Youtube is full of some of the most random, catchiest songs ever. I love "banana phone." I used to listen to it over and over again.

BONUS VIDEO: Badger, Badger

This video became popular around the same time as "banana phone." The song is just as random and just as catchy.

#8: Nyan Cat

Nyan cat was so popular that it became a mean. I don't know what it was about nyan cat that was so addicted. Maybe it was because nyan cat is so cute?: Maybe because it's song is so fun to listen to? Maybe because of rainbows? Maybe because it has a pop-tart for a body?

Probably all of the above.

Love Nyan Cat? Why Not Consider Buying The Video Game? It's only 99 cents!

BONUS VIDEO: The Llama Song

Speaking of videos created revolving around a specific animal, there's also the llama song. But the llama song isn't cute like nyan cat is. In fact, it's pretty annoying and high-pitched. But I found myself listening to it over and over again anyway, trying to memorize and recite the lyrics.

#9. Powerthirst

I think this was created to mock energy drink commercials. It was over the top about it. A lot of people, men especially, watched this video over and over again, finding entertainment in the ridiculous, exaggerated "masculinity" of it.


This video is very similar to Powerthirst.

#10: Bad Lip Reading

These lip readings are so bad that they're good. They take the original sound out of the videos and replace it with what it looks like the characters are saying instead. The result is hilarious and random.

Bad Lip Reading has a whole channel, that I linked to below, where they make similar videos, but my favorite one is "The Walking Dead" one.


Bad Lip Reading doesn't do just television shows and movies. They also do music videos, sports, and politics.

BONUS #11: Daft Hands

I decided to include an extra video in this list.

I used to watch this video over and over again, wondering how much time this person must have had to practice this before they could do it on camera. I never thought I would be entertained by choreography that only included someone's hands. It wouldn't be as good if they had used any other song.


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