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Super Cheap Dynamic Mic That's Great for YouTube Videos

Updated on June 2, 2016

I have to say that I wasn't really expecting much from a mic in this price range. I'd like to thank Mediasonic for providing me this mic at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. As always I'll be showing you my opinion on this with its strengths, weaknesses, etc. This review will be a little lengthy as I like to provide as much info as possible to make sure you know exactly what you'll be getting and what this product is made for. I've ran a recording studio for 7 years so I know a thing or two about sound. I was actually surprised with what this can do. Now this isn't a one mic fits all kind of deal but for certain applications this thing is an incredible option.

Firstly it works using this 10ft. XLR to 1/4" cable, which actually feels pretty good it's nice and thick, that I plugged directly into my Focusrite 2i2 audio interface. It's a relatively cheap and very good interface that is very popular so we'll have a good foundation to start from. A lot of the mics that I've seen that are in this price range use a 1/8" aka 3.5mm connection, the kind you plug into your smartphone, which limits the quality that you can get from the mic. Using that 1/4" connection you can plug into a dedicated audio interface which is going to have a much lower noise floor than say a smartphone.

I ran a couple tests which you can see in my video review. The first one was a completely raw sound from the mic. I usually turn off my air conditioner while I record videos since it's pretty loud, but this time I kept it on to really test how good this mic would be at blocking out the sound. My Sony ECM-CS3 picked up a lot of the air conditioner noise as you can hear in the beginning of the video, but as soon as I switched over to the Mediasonic mic it was extremely quiet. The noise floor is very low and the air conditioner sounds were pretty much inaudible. However I put the gain on the 2i2 interface at about 80%, which for any of my condenser mics would be extremely loud, but the volume of my voice was pretty low.

So I then boosted the volume inside of Premiere Pro by about 12 db and my voice was much easier to hear. The noise floor was also brought up, but since the mic did such a great job of filtering that out in the first place it wasn't really bad. I then applied some processing (denoiser and dynamics plugins that are built into Premiere) to clean up the sound some more and the result was pretty good.

However there are some drawbacks which will determine whether this is the mic for you or not. I noticed that when I moved the mic just a few inches away the volume would drop significantly. Likewise if I changed the angle of the mic to my mouth the volume would start to drop. So this mic is best used on a stand with it pretty much in front of your face. There are a number of applications where this would be fine like recording/streaming gameplay or making a vlog where you're sitting pretty stationary. If you need to move around though then you'd benefit from something else that is made for that like a clip mic you can put on your shirt. I could see this mic working pretty well on a little desk stand which is within about half a foot from your mouth with the volume raised up high. Since it does a great job at cutting out background noise it should still just pick up your voice mostly and you can use some simple denoiser/expander to take care of the rest.

For singing/karaoke purposes I think this would work pretty well since it'll likely be on a stand so you can easily control the distance between your and the mic. I don't really recommend using this handheld especially if you don't have great mic technique/a lot of experience. You could end up changing the sound of your voice pretty dramatically by moving it around too much which is something you don't want to do while you're performing.

In conclusion I think this mic would be really useful for certain people and not really usable for others. Given its decent build quality, ability to remove lots of background noise, and good sound quality at this incredible price point I'm going to give it 5 stars. If this fits your uses you won't really find anything quite this good for this cheap. I hope this helps you guys decide if this is the right fit for you I had a great time trying this out and I actually look forward to using it for some gameplay videos myself. Thanks and have a great day or night lol.

5 stars for Unidirectional Dynamic Mic By Mediasonic


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