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How to Enjoy Superstamps with Snagit

Updated on July 25, 2009

There are many ways to enjoy Superstamps.

Superstamps are commonly used as stamps for Screen Capture Softwares but it can also be used as a callouts for Camtasia, labels for Mindmanager, cool images for Powerpoint and basically all other graphic applications for PC. But if your not fond of using PC but are a Mac lover, good news. You can enjoy them with Voila Mac Screen Capture as well.

Adding Superstamps with Snagit is as easy as steps 1,2,3. Capture, Edit and Stamp. You can enjoy unlimited ways to create your stamping masterpiece in just a click of a button.

Superstamps works like magic to your captured image and to your presentation.

Superstamps is easy to install too, follow these steps to install Superstamps successfully.

SuperStamps Snagit Installation Instructions:

1) Locate your Snagit folder under "Techsmith", normally it is found on your "Program files".

2) Unzip the SuperStamps zip folder you've downloaded to a new folder.

3) From your unzipped superstamps folder, locate the folder with the name "Superstamps- place in snagit stamps".

4) Copy and paste that folder to the "Stamps" folder normally located at c:\Program Files\Techsmith\Snagit 9\

And Voila... your done!

Your superstamps will automatically appear on your Snagit Editor, under Stamps.

Superstamps on Snagit Editor

Download Links

If you wish to try out superstamps,

click here to download Superstamps Mini Pack!

You may also try the latest version of Snagit for 30 days.

click here to download Snagit 9.0!

You can view samples below to see how easy and cool it is to use Superstamps with Snagit Screen Capture Software.

Superstamps Samples

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Bug StampApple StampRead More StampBlog Stamp
Bug Stamp
Bug Stamp
Apple Stamp
Apple Stamp
Read More Stamp
Read More Stamp
Blog Stamp
Blog Stamp


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