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3 TED Talks for Marketing Success

Updated on August 1, 2012

Create an Internet Following

Viral marketing has created a new challenge for video makers, wannabe celebrities, and businesses alike. How do I make my video go viral? After all, a successful viral video, idea, or product will attract crowds of people to your website or cause.

For those not familiar with TED, is an incredible source for inspiration on new ideas in the world. The brightest minds and greatest speakers from around the world come together at TED conferences to reveal tips on success that they have discovered.

Here are three videos to share with you how to start a movement, how to make it go viral, and how to keep succeeding despite the challenges.

How To Start A Movement - Derek Sivers

To start a social movement it is important to have leaders that are willing to stand out and leaders that will embrace those who are the first to follow. After all, the first followers are leaders on their own.

When developing your own viral marketing campaign or strategy, remember to develop process and methods of embracing and supporting those who are willing to be the first to move forward with you. Your first employees, customers, and moral supporters all deserve to be treated like gold because of the risks that they take to help you succeed.

Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

Once you have followers make sure you listen to what they want. If they are your customers, fans, or viewers, then it is your responsibility to keep them satisfied. There are very few people who act like jerks and still find support groups. Listen to your audience and it will continue to grow.

The Secret To Success - Success is a Continuous Journey - Richard St. John

Success is only success if you are happy. Make sure that you don't get so caught up on trying to succeed that you miss the point of success - to be happy. Take pride in being the best that you can be, but also spend some time enjoying the fruits of your labor.


To successfully start a marketing campaign that has the potential to go viral, remember to:

  • Embrace your first followers
  • Listen to what the people want
  • Enjoy the success that you currently have

I hope that this short hub was able to give you some inspiration to try new things, persevere, and enjoy life.


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