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TVI Express Weasel Reviews Vol 2: promotes scam, then denies doing so

Updated on August 17, 2010


This hub is second in a series that collects weasel reviews that does NOT review TVI Express properly, presents weasel arguments or false arguments, just to capture some keywords to promote their own agenda, such as "marketing coach". The weasel reviews can be here on Hubpages, or elsewhere on the Internet.(Read Volume 1)

If you need some background on the TVI Express scam, please read TVI Express: an international scam first.

While I believe TVI Express is a scam, I have no enmity against any of these reviewers. However, I believe they are doing their readers a dis-service by NOT giving a proper review.

Is "TVI Express Truth Revealed" a good review?

Today's subject is "TVI Express Truth Revealed", which can be found at . Yes, this is a fellow hub-er, and while it is NOT my intention to "pick" on this gentleman, it just happens that his article is the first one that pops up when you enter "TVI Express Truth" as the search keywords on Google. So, is it a good review? Unfortunately, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Let us see what he wrote, and what evidence he provided to support his claim.

Incomplete definition of scam = strawman

He gave three definitions of scam, and he claims TVI Express is none of them. But how do these definitions actually stack up? Let us examine them one at a time.

TVI Express would be a scam if they didn’t have a real product, but if you’ve done your research you would know that TVI Express has a product and it’s travel.

Big problem with this one. He is basically making the argument that

1) TVI Express have product
2) Have product = not scam
3) TVI Express is not scam

That is simply an incomplete definition of scam. Scam can take many other forms. He also ignored that fact that TVI Express FAQ specifically states that "you don't need to sell any product". If there's a product, and one is NOT required to sell any of it, it is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Thus, this argument is a FAIL.

How does the 2nd argument go?

TVI Express would be a scam if they used cold hard cash to sign you up. However they only accept cash in exchange for an e voucher which is like a TVI Express money.

Very similar argument. Let us restate his argument again, to get to the heart of the matter:

1) TVI Express use cash for eVoucher
2) Use cash for eVoucher is not scam
3) TVI Express is not scam

However, why is using cash for eVoucher not scam? It was never explained, and it was not obvious. It was an unsupported premise. It also ignores the fact that if eVoucher is purchased with cash, then it is a cash equivalent, and thus, makes no difference in the eyes of the law. Finally, a check of TVI Express website reveals they do NOT accept cash at all. This definition is also FAIL.

How about the third argument?

TVI Express would be a scam if they didn’t actually pay out 10K and promised that to everyone who joined but as you are reading this people are cashing out 10K over and over again.

Again, let's restate his argument:

1) TVI Express pays 10K
2) Paying 10 K = not scam
3) TVI Express is not scam

Again, "paying 10K = not scam" is never explained or supported. And here's a very simple exception: Bernie Madoff. He paid lots of people. He's a scam.

All three definitions he presented turned out to be incomplete and false. THAT IS A BIG FAIL.

The Remainder = IRRELEVANT

The second capsule is just a recap of the compensation system, and the third capsule is, again, a recruitment message: get my super secrets to MLM success!

And that's it, really.

None of the arguments makes any sense upon closer examination. This is a BIG FAIL, all the same. And yes, there's a copy of this article on Hubpages.

In fact he admitted so in the comments: he claims he is promoting his "success system", not TVI Express.

"Umm, yeah. I dunno if you noticed XXXX  but I am not promoting TVI in this article. I am promoting The 7 Figure Networker System..."

THEN WHY DID YOU SAY TVI Express IS NOT SCAM?!?!?! You don't consider that an promotion? Makes you wonder how much his secrets are actually worth, if he keeps making weasel explanations like this?

Stay tuned for more TVI Express Weasel Reviews.


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