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Tablet Computers And The Apple iPad

Updated on June 3, 2015

The idea of a tablet PC is not a new one, as Microsoft introduced the basic idea in 2001. Since then, not very many advances have been made, and the tablet PC has really remained an untapped resource, or maybe even a sleeping consumer electronics giant. More recently, the application of tablet PC laptops has been seen in a variety of different fields, like the medical field and being used in hospitals, and by physicians. Generally, the idea of a tablet PC computer is a hand-held thin device that comes standard with a touch screen, enabling the user to only need to use their hands, instead of having to type on the keyboard. Small and generally lightweight, the tablet PC is slowly growing in the technology world every day as the need for mobile computing gets greater in the marketplace. This article will look at several of the newer models, and even the rumored Apple tablet.

Interesting Tablet PC Computers

Compaq TC1100 Tablet PC - This tablet PC laptop comes standard with a 10.4 inch screen and is extremely lightweight at only 4 pounds. It also comes with a full keyboard, and is also a fully operational touchscreen tablet. One of the neat features of this laptop tablet PC in particular, is that it is considered a hybrid tablet. This means that the keyboard is removable for added mobility. The Compaq TC 1100 is WiFi A/B/G enabled and can connect at really good speeds. Also the additions of QMenu and other external buttons allow for easy and swift functions at the touch of a button.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet - This tablet is aimed more at your lifestyle than for business use like most of the other tablet laptops on the market today. A gorgeous design the Nokia 770 Tablet is only 5 inches by 3 inches providing maximum portability. The screen is 4.1 inches and has a hi resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. It comes equipped with Wireless b/g making internet connection through WiFi a snap. There is also a feature on this device that allows you to connect to the internet through your mobile phone when WiFi isn't available. It weighs only about 8 ounces and can be used with a stylus or without. The Nokia 770 internet tablet gives you truly easy access to the net.

Viliv Promotion Pack X70EX EXP P 7-Inch Net-Tablet PC - A 7 inch screen, 16 GB hard drive, and an Intel 1.2 ghz processor, the Viliv X70EX is designed to scorch the internet. It was introduced to the world in August of 2009 and is a beautiful Tablet Computer. It is bigger than a few other models in the Net Tablet PC genre, and the 7 inch screen had a little to do with that. It is a high resolution screen, and has a resolution of 1024 x 600 for a sharp, and clear picture. It supports 720p High Definition video like a digital media player, and also comes standard with bluetooth and Wifi. It is GPS compatible and uses Google Maps to provide you with turn by turn directions. It also has the capability to connect directly to another computer via USB cable and transfer files back and forth.

HP Pavilion tx2500z 12.1" High-Definition HP BrightView TOUCH-SCREEN - This unit is the most similar to the standard laptop, but provides a screen that can be completely flipped around and folded back to become like the tablet computers. As the title suggests it comes with a 12.1 inch high definition screen and is running Windows on an AMD Dual Core processor. This thing can perform any functions of a regular laptop, but has the added feature of the touch screen controls making day to day use a breeze. It of course has Wifi connections and WLAN support, a 160 GB hard drive, and an 8X CD drive truly ranking this among the tops of the notebook tablet PCs.

Apple Tablet Computer - the iPad

The new Apple Tablet Computer, the iPad that is set to be released late 2010 or early 2011, was unveiled by Steve Jobs at a San Francisco computer conference. The Apple Tablet Computer will be named the Apple iPad. It looks to be a device that will once again change the industry of mobile computing. Some sources have said that the iPad Apple Tablet Computer could be released as early as March of this year. If it incorporates some of the functionality of the iPhone, and provides a bigger touch screen and other computer applications, then this could be a huge hit, and at the right time also. Apple has managed to peak interest in free software development and created a whole new market of software applications that could support a device like the Apple tablet pc. The price for the base 16 GB model is a very low $499 suggested retail, which is way lower than the $1000 price tag that was being speculated.

If you want more info and are wondering where to buy ipad, here is the link to the official Apple iPad page: Apple iPad Official Page.

*This section will be updated as more information becomes available.

Apple Tablet PC - iPad Video

Tablet PC Video

Here is a short video about Tablet Computers and the top five for 2015.


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    • profile image

      brtaiwo 7 years ago

      I have been hearing about ipad i never it is yet to be unvieled. I like your post. Good research.

    • nonniebobo profile image

      nonniebobo 8 years ago

      Oh, I think iPad is Everything in 2010.