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How to take off/put on the Otterbox

Updated on April 12, 2012

Yes, it annoyed the crap out of me too

GET IT OFF! I'm writing this because, like you probably, I spent an annoying amount of time trying to figure out how to take off the Otterbox so that I could put it on my brand new iPhone 4s.

It's really is not that complicated, so I figured that I'd show you how really quick.

For those looking for QUICK info

Otterbox = two layers.

How to take the Otterbox apart

1. Soft rubber layer: Peel off slowly from the hard plastic layer.

2. Hard plastic layer (w/ screen protector): Squeeze sides, push them down, and pull the back side away from the front.

How to put the Otterbox on your phone. It's too easy, don't even read the rest.

1. Hard plastic Cover: Put on your iPhone and squeeze together until it clicks

2. Flexible Rubber Cover: Slowly place back on phone. Start at bottom, go up. Make sure all creases are flush, nothing should be sticking out.

HuRah! Don't forget the Mophie; it's the case that charges your phone!

Now, for those who need more explanation...

There's two layers!

Yes, the Otterbox comes in two layers. There is one, hard plastic layer (with a waterproof screen protector), and there is also a flexible rubber layer that goes around the hard plastic one.

The first thing you have to do is take off the flexible rubber part. You do this by peeling it off away from the hard plastic one. And yes, it does take a little while to get it off.

Sweet! Next step; Take the hard plastic cover off by squeezing the sides together and then pulling them apart. If you look under the little square part that you are squeezing, you can see the latch/catch thing.

Just make sure the part you are squeezing clears it so that you can actually take off the hard plastic layer.

Basically, just squeeze and pull away from each other to get it off (pull away from the screen and away from the back).

Siri's New Home

Sweet! Now just put the Otterbox on your iPhone 4s (or whatever phone you have).

For the hard plastic part, just put it on and push together until it clicks.

For the flexible rubber part, you have to work it back into place. It's not going to want to go into the spots it was made for, so you have to push it into all the cracks/creases to where everything is flush.

I say this because I went three days with one part of it out and I just thought it was supposed to look like that.

Note** If something is popping out, something's probably wrong.

Awesome! Everything is now in place and protected like nobody's business! The Otterbox is definitely legit, but I would definitely also recommend the Mophie if your iPhone 4s runs out of battery a lot!

The Mophie! The Charging Case!

Yep! The Mophie is an iPhone 4s case that charges your phone whenever you want. You can turn the charger on and off with a little button on the side, and it charges extremely fast too!

As opposed to the Otterbox, it costs usually around $100 rather than the usual $60 for the Otterbox, but if you use your phone a lot and make a ton of calls like I do, then I definitely recommend it.

It can charge the entire phone in about an hour to an hour and a half, and it'll only use about half of the Mophie's charging power.

Another really good thing about the case is that it is smooth, and it slides into your pocket really easily. The Otterbox is awesome in that almost anything could happen to it and your phone would be ok, but trying to grab my phone in the Otterbox when I'm wearing jeans is just an unnecessary hassle, at least in my mind.

Anyway, check it out on Amazon to the right if your somewhat interested. You never know, you might be able to get a killer deal. If not, you can always get one at your local AT&T store.

For the visual learners


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      Johnd246 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      kevin 5 years ago

      Thanx for the help...the guy at sprint just put it on there while i was signing papers and looking over my plan. Had me thinking once its on the phone, then that's it.

      Thanks again for the help, got it off super easy.