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Targus 360 Case Uniquely Rotates iPad 2, Provides 3 Viewing Angles and offers Secure Snap-In Design

Updated on March 22, 2011


The iPad 2 is thinner than the first generation iPad. There are cameras on the front and back of the iPad 2 and there are no cameras on the first generation iPad. It is understandable that most iPad cases are designed to be specific to each iPad version. The Targus 360 Rotating Stand/Case is one of the first available for the iPad 2. Features include a form fitting hard cover that converts to an iPad stand with 3 viewing angles, the ability to swivel the iPad 2 from portrait to landscape orientation while inside the case and the Apple Logo stays front and center due to the unique design of the swiveling Bessel.  

Instead of the iPad 2 slipping into a picture frame type holder, the Targus 360 iPad 2 Case depends on a solid firm plastic disk with raised corners and sides to hold the iPad 2 in place. The iPad 2 snaps into the disk at all four corners and along each side. The side edges are not solid since it allows open areas for connections, buttons and the speaker. The iPad 2 is held securely in place via these snap areas. This disk allows the iPad 2 to swivel from portrait to landscape position.


A permanently embedded elastic band stretches across the front edge of the Targus 360 iPad 2 Case to secure the front and back covers closed. Simply slide that elastic band to the opposite side of the case and the front cover is released. As you open the case the iPad 2 screen is revealed. The front cover can be flipped completely against the back cover. To transform the Targus 360 iPad 2 case into an iPad stand you simply lift the iPad 2 and fit the bottom edge into one of the two groves exposed on the inside of the back cover. Each groove provides a different viewing angle. Skip the grooves and lay the iPad 2 back – the angle provided is the correct angle for typing.

Both grooves mentioned above works well for the landscape mode but not so much when the iPad 2 is in portrait mode. The first groove works well in portrait mode but the second groove seems to put the iPad 2 at such a sharp angle there is just not enough support to hold it upright.

 The Targus 360 iPad 2 Case adds bulk to the iPad 2 – not unlike many iPad cases designed for the first generation iPad. The swivel design is the root cause of this and on the bright side, there is extra protection provided to your iPad 2. There are a few areas that lack complete protection such as the bottom edge of the iPad 2 and the Apple Logo that shows through the inner circle of the Bessel. If these are deal breakers for you just remember that to date there is no other choice of cases with the unique swivel design.

This case is designed well for traveling since it is very sturdy and protective. The Swivel is easy to operate and does not require a lot of space to maneuver. If you change cases from time to time, maybe to a thinner case, the Targus 360 iPad 2 Case makes it easy to install and remove the iPad 2.

I like this case for a few reasons. First of all – it is sturdy and protective. It is simple to operate and functions as an iPad stand. The elastic strap is quite and offers a more secure closing than magnets. That is actually the only thing that bothers me about the ZooGue Case that I presently use on my first generation iPad. Although the Velcro on my ZooGue Case is necessary to its design – it makes too much noise to open while in a meeting. The down sides in my opinion are that it is thick and it is not offered in multiple colors.



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