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ZooGue iPad Case Smart Rugged and very Functional

Updated on March 15, 2011

Electronic gadgets with large screens are best protected by cases. However, if the case is cumbersome and adds too much weight in your bag it may be tempting to discard it. Some cases are proprietary while others may be generic such as the Skooba Wrap iPad Case. The size, structure and weight are a few of the most important features to consider.

The ZooGue iPad Case was designed to protect an iPad. The features are numerous and the design is very interesting. It allows for full function of the iPad and allows the user to choose how they want to use it. Hold the iPad in your hands, lay in flat, stand it up at multiple levels or strap it to a headrest – you choose. The uses of the ZooGue iPad Case are numerous but the design is what it is - functional not fashionable. I have to admit – I like the industrial look.



One of my favorite features is the thinness. Completely closed and ready to travel the ZooGue measures a little less than one inch. There are no pockets or appendages that cause it to gouge into other items in a bag. From the small strap that snaps over the top edge of the case to the elasticized straps that wrap around the case the ZooGue is all about keeping your iPad secure while not taking up too much space.


Whether your destination is the office or your easy chair the ZooGue iPad Case performs.  We are all used to using a computer that sits upright. The screen is typically in front of our eyes and ergonomics dictate that looking down with the neck at a sharp angle is not good for us. The ZooGue’s claim to fame is that it is so versatile. The front cover flap flips to form a type of easel. Velcro becomes the adjustment mechanism that allows you to view your iPad at your perfect angle. The ZooGue iPad case works on your lap or on a desktop. If you get tired and decide to lounge – the bed is just as good.

If you are riding in a car or on a plane the ZooGue iPad Case has another trick. The elasticized band the works to hold the case shut while traveling flips to the backside to fit over a headrest. The strap is adjustable so I can see it attached to the handles of a roller bag at the airport.

 The ZooGue iPad case is rugged. It does not bend or flop over. It protects an iPad from bumps or sharp objects. All ports are accessible at all times. It is totally adjustable. Those features are difficult to find in any iPad case – let alone all of those features in one single case. I would like to see rings to hook a strap to and maybe a small pouch to hang from the strap – just a suggestion.


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    • drcrischasse profile image

      drcrischasse 7 years ago from NH/Foxboro

      that is the case i have. I love it.